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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    I'm working on a house that has a sub panel (located in the same house) that is fed from a 6-3 NM cable that doesn't have an equipment ground. Was this allowable at any time? Do you bond the grounds from the branch circuits to the neutral at the sub-panel in this case (as long as there are no...
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    Today i was trimming out a large house. There are two 3 way switches in a rec room that i have trimmed out. One side has a maestro dimmer by Lutron and the other side is a standard mechanical 3 way switch. The lighting is recessed cans by Halo. Once trimmed out and energized i notice i get a...
  3. Looking To Hire
    I’m currently responsible for staffing at Thermo Pac in Stone Mountain, GA. Thermo Pac, LLC specializes in the processing, assembly, packaging, and distribution of portion control food products. Because we are a food manufacturing facility, the positions are vastly different from building...
  4. Residential Electrical Forum
    hi, i have a 2 gang meter box, siemens WP2211RJ, with 200 amp service. i have a 1/0-1/0-1/0-2 to downstairs 125a breaker panel and a 2/0-2/0-2/0-4 derated (for attic heat) feeder to the upstairs to a 125a lug panel. the installer cut off the ground on meter end of both SER's saying it was not...
1-4 of 4 Results