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    Legend has been brewing for years about a mythical "master key" that worked to start forklifts, pettibones (all terrain-forklifts), scissor lifts, boom lifts, golf carts, and gators. Most of the stories I've heard were at the bar, not on the jobsite, but I have heard it mentioned here and there...
  2. NEC Code Forum
    I have done some reasearch via API/NEC and have been unsuccessful in locating any distances electrical equipment need to be located away from a flare. Any advice?
  3. UK Electrical Forum
    I need new boots but as I'm a new apprentice I'm wondering on which ones to buy I know I want them waterproof, lightweight and most importantly suitable for the job such as there not gonna get crushed easy or electrocute me as I know rubber is a good insolator but I also know it could...