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  1. Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hey guys , i have a question I recently took an interview for inside wire men, now that thats done im told i will be placed on a poe waiting list , so here is where im confused, theres 85 obove my score, are those 85 all inside wire mens or all different programs like sound and communication...
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    Anybody gotten accepted into the apprenticeship program for ETI Local 11 within the last year or two? If so what was your interview score? Where did that put you on on POE list? How long did it take until you were notified? I'm curious where I stand with an 83.5 interview score (poe list hasn't...
  3. Union Topics
    alright im new here hope this is the place to post this. anyways, i recently took my test for the ibew apprenticeship in february at eti and passed and had my interview about two weeks ago. although i did my best i possibly could in the interview i only scored an 83. and with that score it...
1-3 of 3 Results