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  1. Looking To Hire
    Utilities One Inc is looking to hire an experienced EVCS COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL ESTIMATOR in New York State. A Commercial Electrical Estimator is seasoned, responsible and is able to prepare an entire estimate with very little or no supervision. This has been proven by the production of...
  2. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hey all, Brother and I were having a discussion about a receptacle that I will be installing at a job for a welder. We are running 6/3 NMD, on 50 amp OCPD, with a 6-50 receptacle.(6/3 if for futureproofing. We run a neutral most of the time, so that a 14-50 can be installed in the future)...
  3. Alternative Energy Forum
    Two Q's 1. For EV charger loads only, does the panelboard need to be sized for the sum of the continuous duty loads (i.e. number of chargers x charger amps) or the sum of the OCPD for those EV chargers? 2. For EV charger loads only, if a performance meter socket is used to measure consumption...
1-3 of 3 Results