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  1. Strange things are happening - flash

    General Electrical Discussion
    Strange things are happening in my house. Some time between midnight and 6:30 AM for the last five nights we hear a somewhat mechanical sound, probably not a beep, not sure, which wakes us, followed by an instantaneous flash of light from either the dining room or foyer. Cannot tell as cannot...
  2. Arc Flash boundary mitigation

    Workplace Safety
    I have a location that has a 400A main breaker, old, hasn't been reset in the last 20... has about a 3 or 4" area that the breaker is exposed. I am doing a arc flash, boundary study and fully expect the answer to come back at 40+cal for working on the equipment. Fed by a trans 50ft away...
  3. what does "remove flashes" mean ?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I'm trying to understand a datasheet of a crimping tool used for power cables with dies. But english is not my native language and there is a part I don't understand. It says : "Rotate each successive crimp 90 degrees and remove flashes resulting from crimping" What does it...