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  1. Seeking Electricians in the Florida Keys

    Looking To Hire
    We are a Family Owned and Operated Electrical Contracting Firm with a office location in Big Pine Key, Florida. We serve all areas of the Upper and Lower Keys. Customer Service is our priority. We are continuing to grow so we are looking for mature experienced electricians that possess a desire...
  2. Florida Licensed Master Electrician Job Opportunity

    Looking To Hire
    I am working for a company that is looking to hire a full time Master Electrician with their license in Florida. They are located in South Florida between Miami and the Florida Keys. This company has just finished building out a state of the art aquatic farming facility and need someone who...
  3. Florida State Certified Electrical & Fire Alarm EC & EF licenses available to qualify

    Looking For Work
    Florida State Certified Electrical & Fire Alarm EC & EF licenses available to qualify State Certified Electrical & Fire Alarm Qualifieravailable to qualify a new or existing business. I have over 32 years in the industry. Please email me to discuss your qualification needs. Contact...
  4. New England vs. Florida apprenticeship

    Union Topics
    Hello, I am getting out of the military in a few months and debating applying at a JATC in New England (wife's hometown) vs. a JATC in central Florida (my hometown). I am trying to get an accurate breakdown of the pros and cons of each region since I figure I will be locked in for my...
  5. Anyone interested in getting into renewables in Orlando?

    Alternative Energy Forum
    Curious to see if anyone is looking to do more electrical work in a diverse renewables market around central fl Orlando area... Solar PV, biofuel cogen, induction lighting, majority is commercial
  6. Ideas For Block Walls and metal studs

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys. I wanted to start a thread all about block walls and metal studs. I think it is a huge task to come up with the tricks to save labor/materials while doing these jobs. I was wondering if anyone had any good ones to share. Any tools that really help or different ways of doing things...