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  1. Selling: Atlas46 Tool Vest setup

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    Fantastic Set-up, but I'm transitioning roles now. Perfect for Commercial work. Atlas46.com to look up these items Saratoga Tool Vest $199 Screw and Nail Attachment V2 $150 Murphy Speed Pouch (2 of them) $80 + $50 Drill Holster $35 Magnetic Wrap $20 Jab saw Sheath $30 Plier Sheath $40 Tape...
  2. 2006 GMC Savana w/tools and materials

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    My dad, who lived in Rochester, NY was a master electrician for 60 years and passed away. I must sell his 2006 Savana w/56000 miles, fully loaded shelves/bins, tools, equipment and materials. I'd like to sell it all as a package but would consider selling truck and contents separately. He used...
  3. greenlee c punch 1732

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    I have acquired a greenlee model 1732 c punch hydraulic that i know i will never use if anyone here is interested i will let it go at a fraction of the new price seen these new as high as $3300.00 make me an offer it is in great shape no dies or metal box though Call: Ron at: 530-917-3721 or...
  4. Several large tools- need to sell!!

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    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum, and actually don't work in the electrical trade. My dad owned his own business in central Ohio for about 15 years and did residential and commercial projects. Anyways, he passed away unexpectedly due to an illness, so now I have several large tools to get...
  5. For Sale PVC HEATER 1/2" to 4" - Current Model 451

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    SOLD MY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING BUSINESS & NO LONGER NEED THIS BARELY USED (Appx 4 hours use) PVC Heater Current 451 PVC Heater for 1/2"-4" Equal to Greenlee 851 Durable wheels for maximum mobility Full length door allows easy loading and removal of PVC conduit Manual operation 120 vac - 2300...
  6. For Sale Maxis m3k wire puller

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    CLOSED MY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING BUSINESS & NO LONGER NEED THIS BARELY USED TOOL ~ GET THIS LIKE NEW WIRE PULLER FOR APPROXIMATELY 1/2 THE PRICE OF A NEW ONE! One person, 2 minute setup and operate Quickly adapts from underground to overhead pulls Equipped with lightweight Delrin® rollers...
  7. Are Square D circuit breakers worth anything?

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    I have been cleaning out my grandfathers garage after his passing. He has a ton of Square D circuit breakers. I have no experience with electrical work, but before I throw them out I was wondering if they have any value. I think they are mostly 15 or 30 amp, but I really don't know how to tell...
  8. chev utility truck 99 chev 1ton for sale

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    [email protected] SALE 99 CHEV ONE TON CHEVY UTILITY TRUCK excellent shape 9672 miles. utility one ton truck, that all locks up, it has 2 ladder racks, automatic transmission, 5.7L v8 sfi vortec ohv, am fm cassette radio, drivers air bag, 2" trayler hitch, 8' box with joey bed senior rolls...