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  1. Vintage Electrical
    I’m trying to find a replacement dead front cover for the 1950’s vintage box shown. Can anyone identify the box manufacturer, model, or an online supply source? Installed breakers are the Stab-Lok variety and include names such as FPE/Federal Pacific and/or American. Can a custom cover be made...
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    This client of mine thinks that replacing his FPE breakers with what looks like FPE breakers with a Challenger(also out of business right?) sticker on them, he will avoid having to replace a very inconveniently placed load center(due to size and closeness of many other panels). I say he must...
  3. Services and Service Equipment
    This is the the "Before" pics....all of this was done by the previous owner, a lot of it dates from the early to mid 60's......we were surprised when the POCO set a new digital meter onto this mess!! Note the creative use of plumbing fittings and pipe, and also note that most of the NM cable you...
1-3 of 3 Results