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fuse box

  1. Fuse Panel Not Adequate for Home Insurance?

    General Electrical Discussion
    We recently purchased a home and the insurance company completed an inspection. Below is what the insurance company said I must fix, followed by what the initial home inspection report (not by insurance company), noted regarding the electric. I am wondering if what the insurance company wrote is...
  2. Three conductors with continuity?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    A customer recently called me and said she attempted to change out a light switch and after she did she turned the power back on she got a large flash and blew a fuse. When I got there the switch box had three conductors in it and the switch was a switch and receptical combo, switch on top and...
  3. HELP! Fuse box issue - bad edison base

    General Electrical Discussion
    I know the best option is to replace the fuse box w/ a breaker box, but I don't have the money to do so right now. Here's the problem... 1) 15 amp Type S fuse will no longer screw into the Edison Base in the fuse box because it has been replaced so many times the threads are stripped. Is it...