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  1. Fuse Voltage Rating for Universal Input Line

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I have three questions regarding the surge protection of a circuit: 1) My understanding is that the fuse voltage rating needs to be more or equal the operating voltage of the AC circuit but I've seen 250VAC fuses used for universal input line voltage values. How is that possible? Is it an...
  2. Help Me With My 3-Way DISASTER

    General Electrical Discussion
    I've drawn a horrible diagram in Paint to illustrate what I am about to describe. But I haven't found a place to upload it to yet... so the pictures will be forthcoming.... HERE'S THE SITUATION: I have a 3-way, 30 amp wire coming from my fusebox and going to a light switch in my dining room...
  3. Fuse for chandelier with 12-volt transformer?

    Lighting Design
    I have a chandelier installed that is currently not working. Here is the story: Originally, there was a 250V, 3.15A fuse & 12V transformer mounting assembly, with a chandelier consisting of twelve 20W G4 Bi-Pin halogen bulbs. Then, maintaining the original fuse/transformer mounting...
  4. HELP! Fuse box issue - bad edison base

    General Electrical Discussion
    I know the best option is to replace the fuse box w/ a breaker box, but I don't have the money to do so right now. Here's the problem... 1) 15 amp Type S fuse will no longer screw into the Edison Base in the fuse box because it has been replaced so many times the threads are stripped. Is it...
  5. Time Delay Fuses

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a Physics degree and have been a Controls contractor for years, but I hate to admit that I still don't get the whole time-delay fuse thing. I understand that the use of a time delay fuse is generally to accommodate for initial in-rush of current (things like motors, compressors, etc.)...