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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    Anyone know who makes a dual split transfer switch for a standby generator. I see Briggs & Stratton and GE makes one for two 200 amp panels. I'm really looking for two 150 amp panel transfer switch.
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    I have a question: I recently looked at an existing service (with a generator panel) that had a main breaker panel with a main lug only panel right beside it. The main lug only panel is served by the main breaker panel (through a breaker located in the main breaker panel) and also by the...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    I have two questions. I recently looked at a generator panel install that I am pretty sure was not done correctly. They brought the ungrounded circuit conductors to a new sub panel but left the neutrals (grounded conductors) in the original panel and just ran one larger conductor to the...
1-3 of 3 Results