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  1. North Carolina failed inspection with Goal Zero portable generator & solar panel

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I have a Shed in North Carolina that failed electrical rough-in inspection. I have a Goal Zero 1500x (1516Wh) portable lithium-ion battery generator with multiple Goal Zero Boulder 200 (200 Watts) Solar Panels. The shed is off the grid and is only getting power from the Goal Zero battery and...
  2. Transformer & Generator Dilemma

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Hey all, We have a client that bought a 40kw 600 volt 3 phase generator for his property off grid (local poco wanted +/- $180 000 to run poles and lines into the property). Problem is, he wants to run his woodworking shop/business off this land. All his woodworking machines are 220-240 volts...
  3. Hello from NewJersey!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm a tradesman who got his start pulling wire in a button factory so many years ago. I can still hear the 20 ton presses ringing in my head, punching out belt buckles, metal buttons and various clips. I even learned how to wire metal injection molding machines. Later there was...
  4. Termination of Ungrounded and Grounded Conductors

    NEC Code Forum
    I'm having a heck of a time finding an article in the code that says all wires in a circuit need to be terminated in the same panel/enclosure/load panel. As an example, someone installs a back up generator at their house, but it is not a whole house generator, just a 12 circuit panel. The 12...
  5. Article 702.7(C) Power Inlet (Signs for Optional Standby Systems)

    General Electrical Discussion
    Is a portable generator (the type typically used by home owners when the power goes out) a separately derived system? Or, is it considered a nonseparately derived system? I have thought it was a separately derived system, but now I am unsure. - When the generator is plugged in, I would say there...
  6. Diesel Generator voltage fluctuates

    Services and Service Equipment
    I have a 13Kw 120/240V 60hz diesel generator used as backup power to my home. The AC alternator is a Leroy Somer shunt excited (non PMG) with a #R230 AVR regulating the output voltage. The issue is that the voltage fluctuates by a few volts to where my lights flicker and UPS's trigger alot...
  7. Chinese Generator

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Hi there, Just trying to see if there is anything my neighbour can use his inherited generator for. It's a Chinese 7000W - 3 phase? 380V 50Hz Generator (Senkai brand. I can't even find any information on them. :vs_laugh:) But I do believe since it's got a 3 pole breaker it's a 3 phase...
  8. Adapter / Converter Advice

    NEC Code Forum
    Im trying to figure out how to use a 125/250V (3 prong, AC) cable with a 120/240V AC generator. The generator is a DeWalt DG6000. The cable I want to use reads: 3P 4W 125/250V AC. Thanks in advance.
  9. 120/240A generator to 125/250A cable

    NEC Code Forum
    Im trying to figure out how to use 125/250V (3 phase, 3 prong, AC) cable with a 120/240V AC generator. Apparently attachments arent allow for wherever reason, but if you need a better idea of what I'm talking about just say so and ill try to further explain.
  10. generator Upgrade and ATS Question..

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi There I'm currently upgrading 60KW. gas gen. And i have a question is that option is legit? There is 240V 3 phase service disconnect right after ct cabinet that feeding some panels and 200a. safety switch, that is connected to my ATS. ATS is connected to 60 KW. Gen outside And Another panel...
  11. Daul Transfer Switch Generators

    General Electrical Discussion
    Anyone know who makes a dual split transfer switch for a standby generator. I see Briggs & Stratton and GE makes one for two 200 amp panels. I'm really looking for two 150 amp panel transfer switch.
  12. 480 3phase gen, to 120v 30amp

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am setting up one of our new work truck it has a Marelli 480 3 phase 55kw gen on the back of it right now i only have it set up for 480 to run our big 40 -25 hp flatsaws.but i also need to get 120v 30a so that our guys can run coredrills and other equipment off of it as well.. i am getting 115...
  13. running a generator to a system with two breaker panels

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I'm working on a house with two breaker panels, 200 amp and 110 amp. I put a generator inlet, generator circuit breaker, and interlock on the 200 amp breaker panel. Turns out the furnace is on the 110 breaker panel. I have a photo which hopefully I can attach here. One solution I thought of is...
  14. Portable Generator Grounding and Conductor Sizing

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm getting ready to install a transfer switch for a customer and I just want to make sure I am doing this properly. (It's been years since I have installed one of these.) Any help will be appreciated. 1) Do you have to ground the portable generator in any way other than the equipment grounding...
  15. temp port generator, which bonding jumper to remove...

    Residential Electrical Forum
    (( TEMPORARY HOOKUP OF PORTABLE GENNY AT DWELLING, WHICH BONDING JUMPER TO DISCONNECT ? )) Portable generators for temporary power to dwellings such as during power outage after a storm, etc. My subject relates to that. Forum users often discuss parallel path for normal, neutral return...
  16. Hydro Exciter Not So Excited

    Alternative Energy Forum
    Hey All, Head scratcher here... I'll start by saying I didn't do it! Really! A neighbor has a Pump>Belts>Generator hydro setup that has recently had substantial re-build work done by two different people. Neither one is an electrician. It's not working. Yet. About four months ago, Local Guy...
  17. Prolblem with Corner Grounded Delta

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am having a problem with an ATS that is tied in to a corner grounded delta system from utility power. When 1 pump is running, generator works like a champ. When 2 pumps are running, the ATS is constantly switching between utility and generator power. I am new to this kind of wiring system...
  18. New to site for help

    New Member Introductions
    Good morning to all; I got here looking for some answers about the corner grounded system. I am a generator technician with Stewart and Stevenson out of Longview. Having some trouble understanding this system or if maybe it would have an effect on some of our equipment.
  19. Generator w/o a neutral

    General Electrical Discussion
    I've got a 480 volt diesel generator that my employer wants to use as an emergency back up for some lighting panels, but it does not have a neutral. Is there a way to create a neutral for this generator?
  20. see if power is restored with interlock kit?

    General Electrical Discussion
    How you one tell if power is restored when you're using an interlock kit? and you have no neighbors. only thing I could think of was a fuse, a switch, and a bell.