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  1. Problem while replacing gfci

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello evenryone! I encountered some issue during gfci installation and appreciate any input from you. Thank you very much! I bought 30 or 40 gfci and afci and the ones both with gfci and afci to rewire the whole house. I have an experienced electrician who replaced everything for me. But during...
  2. Outlet beyond GFCI not Working?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I have 2 outlets in my garage. The first one has a GFCI outlet and the second one doesn't. They both stopped working, so I took the GFCI out and noticed that it has a black spot by one of the terminal. I replaced it, and it works as long as I don't connect the outlet that is down the...
  3. Fans trip GFCI rcpts when turned off.

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I have a larger 2 level residential shed (24'x40). There are 2 commercial type ceiling fans fans installed on a 15A circuit. 1 fan is on ground level, 2nd fan is on second floor. Each fan has its own speed control that was supplied by the fan manufacturer. When the fans are turned off, the GFCI...
  4. question about installing a GFCI outlet in a bathroom

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a finished basement with a bathroom. I am looking to install an additional light over the shower/tub area with its own switch/outlet. Since its a bathroom, I assume I have to put in a GFCI outlet of some kind. Luckily, the wall where I want to install this switch/outlet is adjacent to...
  5. GFCI Breakers - Home Wiring Question

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Good day, I am doing some wiring as a homeowner and have a question about sharing neutral lines. I have attached a diagram for more information. I would like to put in GFCI breakers to service the exterior outlets of my home and one kitchen outlet. As it is currently wired, the single...
  6. Considerations when adding an outdoor plug through a concrete footing

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm adding a GFCI receptacle on the outside of a house in Canada. This one will be right by the panel in the basement so it will have its own dedicated circuit. I was going to drill a hole in the footing from the outside, run my cable and then Hilti the weatherproof box onto the footing over...
  7. How to GFCI protect a multiwire branch circuit, half hot

    General Electrical Discussion
    This one got me thinking about how it can possibly be done, i'm a bit new to electrical, this is just a bit more complicated than usual so I figured it'd take a pro to answer this.. I have a dishwasher and garbage disposal on what looks like a 20A dual pole circuit breaker (both are switch...
  8. Hot tub GFCI tripping intermittently

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hello all, I have a 60 amp Cutler Hammer GFCI that is tripping intermittently. I already tried replacing the breaker and no change. I can reset the gfci no problem after it trips. The hot tub is new. The hot tub runs 240V with no neutral-wiring and spa pack are all new FLA is ~43 amps. I am...
  9. Rv quandry

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Apparently, an outdoor receptacle requires GFCI protection. Typical RV has a 120V 30A corded connection. I have not seen any 120V 30A GFCI receptacles or Siemen's GFCI breakers. Since the RV is considered a dwelling that has sleeping area does it not require combination breakers? Have you seen...
  10. Shared neutral, hot leaking to neutral or ground, and...?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi, The original goal is to put some knob & tube on AFCI circuit breaker(s) for safety. I do this a lot since I work in old homes. I was testing receptacles with a plug tester to see if some grounded receptacles might be on non-grounded circuits. I got all 3 lights to come on! I tested...
  11. 555.3

    NEC Code Forum
    Helo, I'm a residential electrician bidding on a small 8 slip marina. Reading the short chapter on marinas . 555.3 Ground-Fault Protection The main overcurrent protective device that feeds the marina shall have ground fault protection not exceeding 100 mA. Ground-fault protection of each...
  12. GFCIs for panel pilot devices

    General Electrical Discussion
    Dear Knowlegeable people, I have a question related to GFCIs. I have come across so many designs for starter panels for motors etc where the designer apparently did not provide any sort of earth fault protection device for pilot devices ( i.e. lights ) which would be fitted to the door...
  13. Underwater pool lights at community pool

    Lighting Design
    I talked with the pool management company today about our underwater pool lights. He said they are connected to a GFCI breaker, and, while they do trip frequently, they are never tested. How often should a GFCI breaker be tested? The pool is about 20 years old. Would you let your kids swim in...
  14. AFCI / GFCI / Voltage drop testers

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    In my quest to spend ever more money on new gadgets I have decided it's time for an AFCI tester! Plus, this may save some time with voltage issues in trouble shooting; in the past year I have been called 4 or 5 times and done a visual inspection to find burnt up lugs or connections ...I'm not...
  15. "GFCI" means "waterproof"

    Code Violation Discussion
    I see it a lot when a weatherproof bubble cover has broken off, leaving the receptacle open to the elements. But, when I was at a local high school today, I noticed that they had multiple outdoor receptacles - normal (not WR) GFCIs - that just had normal indoor faceplates (some looked like they...
  16. wall heater near shower

    General Electrical Discussion
    Is anyone aware of a code requiring minimum clearance and or gfci protection of a wall heater next to a shower for either 120 and 240volt units? Thanks
  17. Hot tub GFCI tripping

    General Electrical Discussion
    First time troubleshooting a hot tub. The GFCI was tripping constantly. Narrrowed it down to the transformer plugged into the circuit board. When I disconnected the transformer the GFI stayed on. I'm just wondering if this means the transformer is shot, or if I should be changing the circuit...
  18. Non GFCI 240V Refrigerator in garage?

    NEC Code Forum
    Is there any reason I can not put a 240V refrigerator in a garage in the US with a dedicated circuit with no GFCI protection? I can't find any reason it is not allowed. But 240V refrigerators are not readily available in the US and I'm not sure why.
  19. Would you use a 3 Phase 3 DIN RCBO?

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Would you use a 3 Phase, 3 DIN, RCBO/GFCI? Would you use; and do you think there would be much demand for, a 3Phase RCBO (or GFCI as you Americans call them) that takes up only 3 DIN spaces? To achieve the compact size the neutral is just a feed through and is not switched .. do you percieve...
  20. residential 3 phase high leg delta, and GFCI Spa

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi Everyone, First off, thanks for this great site; the Internet has, and is doing wonders to bring information to the forefront. I've been retired for a few years from commercial, and light industrial work as a Journeyman. Presently, I'm making a little extra ends meat by still 'turning...