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  1. Electrician Swap
    This item is brand new never used or opened. I bought it then my company bought me one right afterwards. I paid $250. Make a reasonable offer please. Very nice set. It cuts 7/8" to 2 1/2" electrical holes.
  2. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    I don't own a mc cutter yet, (rolo zip or whatever its called), and I was wondering what the best brand to get is. Greenlee? I've heard Klein is kinda crappy so I didn't want to make a bad purchase. Let me know what you think!
  3. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Product Features: - Three crimping head choices: EK1230L for industry “U” type dies with 1.20' (30 mm) opening, EK1240L for industry “U” type dies with 1.65' (42 mm) opening, and EK1240KL for Kearney PH2 type dies. - Head designs result in lower weight and improved durability - tested to 50,000...
  4. Electrician Swap
    GB ENERPAC CYCLONE B-2000* CONDUIT BENDER GOOD COSMETIC CONDITION AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL This unit is an Electric (110-120 volt) Conduit Pipe Bender for* 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" AND 2" Conduit ALL TYPES,*EMT, IMC, RIGID & PVC COATED PIPE ALL-IN-ONE UNIT WITH NO SHOE CHANGES AND ONLY*THE...
  5. Electrician Swap
    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum, and actually don't work in the electrical trade. My dad owned his own business in central Ohio for about 15 years and did residential and commercial projects. Anyways, he passed away unexpectedly due to an illness, so now I have several large tools to get...
  6. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Hi everyone I need to buy some Greenlee Tools. Probably a big punch set and a pvc heater. Can anyone recommend a good reputable company online to purchase that has items in stock not for order?
  7. Electrician Swap
    Anyone have use for ko cutters 2 1/2 to 4"?? I don't need this set and it's like brand new!!! I'll take $300
  8. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    How good are greenlee tools. They are a buck or two cheaper than kleins in some things, but are they really good. Lets say; are the screwdrivers as good as klein´s? thanks
  9. General Electrical Discussion
    I am using a Greenlee 882 hydraulic bender at work to bend some 2" rigid and the decal is worn off on the flip top very badly. The decal has all the measurements for the ram travel for the various degree bends. Does anyone have a copy of one or can take a good picture and send it to me. I'm not...
  10. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    So went into local pawn shop as some of you have suggested on here. Came out of there with a new pair of Klein journeymen 2000 series 9" linesman, 3 Klein drivers and a Greenlee CM-600 clamp meter. All for $82.95 Everything is brand new so I am assuming someone was going to get into trade or...
  11. Electrician Swap
    Hey Guys, New member here, found you all on google, glad to be a part. I've got some specialty Electrician tools for sale if anyone knows anybody in need of these. They have a $4000.00 new purchase price. Will let go at $2500.00 or best offer. Greenlee Gator Pro-ECCX Battery Crimper tool...
1-11 of 11 Results