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  1. Old 480V 3 wire service

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey y'all, I was looking at a service today and could use a little information from you guys as it's out of my usual experience. Service is old, on an older small industrial facility. Its 200 amps, 480v 3 wire. I'm trying to understand if it's grounded or ungrounded, and where that grounding...
  2. Detached Garage - GROUNDING

    NEC Code Forum
    Hey Guys, Running a 100 AMP subpanel off meter box on the house. I'm running 1/0 aluminum triplex. Question: Do I need to run a ground with that or just pound ground rods at the garage? I'm not finding it in the code and I know it can be state specific. But can anybody help me out with NEC...
  3. Equipment Grounding Conductor bonding rule to ground grid

    NEC Code Forum
    I have a situation in a petroleum handling facility. The petroleum storage tank is grounded to ground grid but a Water draw out (WDO) pump motor is not grounded. To add WDO motor ground, is it permissible to bond motor ground conductor to the exposed tank ground conductor running to ground grid...
  4. Above ground fuel storage tank - grounding

    Other Codes and Standards
    Does anybody have run into any code references NEC-NFPA, API referring requirement for grounding above ground DIESEL storage tanks? I have heard arguments that Diesel being higher flash point does not have issues of fires due to static discharge.
  5. Lightning Protection and Grounding rules

    NEC Code Forum
    According to NEC NFPA-30 Is lightning Air Terminals and lightning conductors required to be tied with building ground grid? What is the acceptable ground resistance for lightning protection per code?
  6. Lightning Protection and Grounding rules

    New Member Introductions
    For a typical gas station lightning protection system made of multiple Air terminals tied with copper lightning protection conductor on the top of Canopy down to ground rods buried in the ground what is NFPA-30 Hazardous substance facility design requirement. Should the lightning protection...
  7. Mechanical lug vs compression fitting in system grounding conductor

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hello All, I am looking for the code rule to confirm my understanding that we must use compression fittings rather than mechanical lugs i.e. split bolts, in a bonding conductor. I see 10-116 (1) but that doesn't seem to fit. The conductor and equipment in question is a pad mount transformer...
  8. EMI problems!

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys, This is my first post here and am really do so because I am desperate and need to get a few other opinions. I run a small overdub recording studio from my home and when I moved to my current spot, the amount of EMI picked up in voice-coil (magnetic field) microphones and electric...
  9. Wednesday 3/20 grounding/bonding, Laurel, MD w CMP member

    NEC Code Forum
    International Association of Electrical Inspectors George Washington Chapter This Wednesday: Grounding and Bonding-- services, jumpers, equipment, electrodes, paralleling, taps , . . . it's startling how often installers make the same mistakes. Come listen to panel member...
  10. Transformer XO Grounding

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Howdy all. Im an electrician in Alberta and have a question about Transformer XO grounding that many people in my company have slightly different opinions on and I want to remove all opinion from the discussion by using the code book. So, I understand a 600v to 120/208 Delta/Wye transformer...
  11. how to groud mc in a plastic box

    General Electrical Discussion
    Ok, I'm looking for a way to ground mc cable sheathing in a plastic box. Code allows metal conduit to enter a plastic box, however the crux of the matter is grounding the metal sheathing as there is no way. Is there any 1/2 grounding bushings that anyone knows about that would work for this...
  12. No ground wire in 480v 3w PVC

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Is it possible for there to be no ground wire in an under ground PVC feeder conduit? Its 480v 3 wire. Doing demo and noticed this between two buildings in an industrial compound (all on one property). Is this an ungrounded or impedance grounded system? Please be gentle I have limited experience...
  13. Stray earth voltages??

    Services and Service Equipment
    I got a call to look at a problem (I’d never been there before), where someone had felt a tingle between the ground (dirt, earth) and the metal frame of a trailer on tires with a sub panel in it. I didn’t have a ground rod or plate with me, but I put a piece of rebar in the ground and measured...
  14. Bonding xo to enclosure canada

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hi, we just installed a 112 Kva transformer 600 V. delta primary to 480/277 V. Wye secondary to connect some (US 480 V) solar inverters through a 480/277 volt panel to the secondary of the xfmr and from the primary to the building’s 600 V. service. We ran a #6 grounding conductor back from XO...
  15. Transformer Wire Sizing

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hi there, I have been just doing my code book work figuring out everything I need to know for my upcoming job. Just wanted to run my thoughts past you since before I pay for a used transformer I want to make sure it works for my situation. I have a shed that was previously fed #14 AWG teck...
  16. Service wiring for two outside devices

    Services and Service Equipment
    I'm putting in service wiring for a new heat pump unit and a nearby hot tub enclosure. Two 50 amp circuits plus one 20 amp circuit for a couple outlets by hot tub for lights, stereo, etc. The power is coming from an indoor 200 amp main panel. I am planning a large conduit inside the wall to an...
  17. Proper Protocol for Grounded Box

    NEC Code Forum
    The house I just bought was built in the late 1960's and had a lot of two-prong outlets that I wanted to upgrade. I started doing some of them myself but decided to bring in an electrician to do the rest and because I figured it would help confirm that the ones I did were done correctly. I...
  18. 400 amp residential service water line bonding

    NEC Code Forum
    We just completed a remodel on a large house that was built in the late 1800s. It was so old that the original builder ran knob and tube as well as gas lines for fixtures because he wasn't sure the whole electricity thing would work out. Anyways, we decided to put up a 400 amp service because we...
  19. Grounding Enclosure Door

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am currently building a motor starter for an industrial fan application. The fan is 480V, but the voltage is stepped down to 120V for the control circuit. The on/off button assembly is mounted to the door of the enclosure (120V supply). The enclosure that I bought (Wiegmann) is quite small...
  20. Grounding/bonding multiple branch ckts

    NEC Code Forum
    Working on a project that has multiple branch circuits feeding several sub-panels in an attached building. Within the last 10yrs the buildings were connected with a covered walkway between the two. The building we are in has its own separate water supply and is separate from the main...