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  1. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    My Hitachi got stolen. Looking back, it was heavy and loud (I do all residential work, so that can be an issue). The Hitachi DH38YE2 1-1/2" Spline Shank Rotary Hammer produced 5.9 ft.lbs of pounding, is 16.25" long, and weighs about 14 pounds. This thing was a beast. I went from charging like...
  2. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    I have a job that requires me to put anchors in to concert floor. I am looking for a hammer drill that can get closer. The structure can not be moved and I have to put hole in the floor. I currently use a Bosch Bulldog and it works great but I can not get the casing close enough to get the...
  3. Commercial Electrical Forum
    I'm going to be starting a new job doing mostly commercial electrical and was wondering if it I would be better suited to invest in a nicer impact driver or a hammer drill and why? thanks in advance.
1-3 of 3 Results