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  1. Residential Electrical Forum
    I am receiving noise even when circuit breaker and ground are detached from residence. Any help reading my oscilloscope readings would be helpful! If you can help...let me know and I will send you the PDFs of my wavelengths. Thanks!
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    which technique in pulse width modulation is the best suitable one for analysing the harmonics in the output waveform of a multi level inverter. thank you in advacne
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    sir/ma'am, I want to do a project on SWITCHING LOSSES AND HARMONIC INVESTIGATIONS IN MULTILEVEL INVERTERS for which I need a MATLAB model. anyone please do provide me the Model. thanking you...
  4. PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    VFDs must create lots of harmonics on the power line since their output is non-sinusoidal or distorted sinusoidal. That being said, are supply wires for VFD pumps and motors typically larger than those for standard AC pumps and motors of the same horse power?