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  1. Calculations Heating Ductless Units

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a customer who has two ductless heating/cooling units (for two lower floor rooms), floor heat (for 3 baths and one lower floor bedroom), 3 bathroom ceiling heaters rated at approx. 12 amps each, and a gas furnace. I calculated the ductless units, anticipated floor heat, and ceiling...
  2. Need some clarification on a Heating calc/code

    Residential Electrical Forum
    So I have three separate 240 heating circuits in a new single family home in seattle. There are 3+ digital KING thermostats on each circuit. They are feeding KING PAW heaters. I worked for a company a few years back who made a practice of setting the heaters to %100 of the available wattage...
  3. Determining Heating Element Wattage at Various Voltages

    General Electrical Discussion
    It seems that the heating elements in water heaters and other equipment are hardly ever rated for the same voltage that is available. The elements are rated for a specific wattage, but this is at a given voltage. In reality, the elements all have a fixed resistance. The wattage depends on the...
  4. Making a heating cable thermostat, and heating cable questions

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi i need to heat a 55 gallon drum to approx 120*f, so i was thinking of wraping a heating cable around the barrel(the liquid is not flammable). does anyone know how a heating cable works i found a website that sells some http://www.omega.com/toc_asp/subsectionSC.asp?book=Heaters&subsection=b01...
  5. Potentiometer Problems

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey I'm new to this website and have a few quick questions. I'm wiring a potentiometer into the circuitry for a heated snowboard boot I'm designing. I'm just curious how you calculate the maximum current and voltage you can run through it without frying it. I'm using 6 3.7V 1500mA lithium-Ion...