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  1. Light Fixture Driver and Light Engine Help

    Lighting Design
    Problem: I have a Cree fixture that I am constantly replacing in stores and the driver is built into the fixture and has no specs to it. Light engines always test okay, but the drivers fail and I then have to replace the fixture which is expensive in comparison to all the fixtures I can replace...
  2. Hello - help needed please?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone , I'm new to the scene after 12 years away working in project mangement. I am a fully qualified electrician with old Quals (Elec cert - still valid Obvs, 16th ed, 2391, AM2 etc) and I'm looking to get back into my first love- being a spark. I've set up a small Elec company and im...
  3. New some professional advise

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I just need some advice. I’m not an electrician, but I have a concern with my breaker box. I just bought my first house and we needed to get a new dryer. I noticed the dryer was hardwired into the breaker box. So I decide to get the proper outlet and supplies. Before doing so I researched...
  4. Hello from a prospective apprentice in Utah

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, everyone, found this website just to hopefully get some concerns and questions I have cleared up as I want to get into an apprenticeship. Right now I'm a student at a university here, realized how much I hated it, then looked back and realized how much I liked labor work, learning hands...
  5. Big Ass Fan Installation HELP PLEASE

    General Electrical Discussion
    Installing a big ass fan at our warehouse and was wondering if anyone out there has any previous experience or tips for me. I've been out of practice for about a year. My boss wants me to build, install, and wire two Basic 6 16' fans. I am planning on using 12/4 mc from the breaker to a...
  6. Apprenticeship locations in California

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hey guys, I am currently debating between a few different jatc locations including: San Francisco, San Carlos, San Jose, Napa and Santa Rosa. I will be separating from the military around April of 2017 and will most likely be living around the Napa or Novato area. If there is anyone from any...
  7. Kitchen island vent hood from the good old 80's causing me a big headache !

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi Everyone , I have a bit of a problem . I am trying to fix a kitchen island vent hood here in Houston . When ever I flip the switch to turn the vent hood fan on , I can see the fan turn about 10 % of a full turn . Then it just about stops and HUMMS . My senior electrician thought spraying...
  8. Propsective Female Apprentice

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, My name's Angela, and I'm glad to be here. Recently it came to my attention that our local was hiring electrician apprentices. Seeing as how my father is a carpenter and my boyfriend is a union millwright, the trades have always interested me. Having worked in a slew of customer...
  9. Creating One Battery Backup - Delema

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm creating a UPS due to the fact there are non on the market that are small enough for our needed application. The final piece of the puzzle is integrating a voltage regulator, but not sure if it will drop 16v to 12v, as well as allow 12v to 12v when it switches to and from the batter...
  10. Looking for work in the USA

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello Everyone, My name is Matt. I am 22 years old and I am an aspiring electrician from Toronto, Canada. I have completed a pre-apprenticeship program and I have 6 months experience working as a labourer here in Ontario. I have tried for over a year to get an apprenticeship where I live...
  11. Testing Capacitors

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have an audio amp and im trying to diagonose the problem. The Capacitors are rated for 100V at 2200 microF and when i test them all I get is 64microF. I tested them resistance and they seem fine though. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
  12. Frustrated Aspiring Electrician

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello all, I am trying very hard to become an electrician, I have completed a pre-apprenticeship program and have work experience as a labourer for an employer who promised me an apprenticeship which never happened. I honestly feel it was no fault of my own as I am highly motivated and felt...
  13. Hello all, I could use a little advice :)

    New Member Introductions
    Hello there, Heard good things about the site, happy to be apart of it. I am starting an apprenticeship this upcoming Monday and am just looking to make sure I am in a good position to excel. What exactly is expected of a first year electrician? I have a fairly good understanding of...
  14. Homemade 120v AC power supply

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I didn't know where else to ask so here goes. I'm a pro videographer and would like a portable 120v supply to power a 250-500w modeling light. This is for field work and I'd like it to have 20-30 minutes of juice (at least) between charges. I can put it in a backpack or if small enough a...
  15. 1st year electricians help please:)

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello I have recently completed a pre app electrician program. I was wondering if anybody could help me list/name some good electrical contractors so I could see if I missed any.( Vancouver, Burnaby,Surrey,Abbotsford or anywhere near that) THANKS:) much appreciated :thumbup:
  16. Need help from experienced electricians

    New Member Introductions
    Im 18 years old working as a maintenance/porter I live in Brooklyn,NY i need info on good trade schools and any pointers or books you's would recommend I look at! Thank you
  17. helllo! small unit need help!

    General Electrical Discussion
    hello there! i have a little project i am in the progress of assembling. I have basic understanding of electrical. I have a small heat vaporizer that runs 110vac from the wall. I am curious can i tie in to that 110vac and wire in a old cell phone changer to the 110vac to convert it to 12vdc...
  18. Need help with Fundraiser - Friend passed Away - Dad lost his job

    Union Topics
    Hey everyone, I'm reaching out to fellow electrician's for some help for my GF's friend, who passed away. He passed away suddenly on 12/6/2012, he was 28 years old. He had been in the process of trying to get into Local 98 out of Philly. His name was Brandon Lock. Unfortunately, he had failed...
  19. Troubleshooting Dock Lights

    General Electrical Discussion
    Good evening everyone and I have a problem. Im working on these dock lights that trips two 20 amp square d two pole 480v breakers. I megged the wires going out to the lights and I read infinity which tells me the wire insulation is good. I check my amp reading on the lights when i turn them on...
  20. Help Me With My 3-Way DISASTER

    General Electrical Discussion
    I've drawn a horrible diagram in Paint to illustrate what I am about to describe. But I haven't found a place to upload it to yet... so the pictures will be forthcoming.... HERE'S THE SITUATION: I have a 3-way, 30 amp wire coming from my fusebox and going to a light switch in my dining room...