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  1. Looking To Hire
    ProLectric is now hiring qualified TEXAS residential journeyman or wireman electricians. Please visit our website for more information Journeyman Electrician Jobs-Houston to Galveston Call Jimmy at 281-337-5060
  2. Looking To Hire
    Hello :) I'm currently looking for Master or Journeyman Licensed Electricians for a Supervisor position in the following locations: Houston, TX Jacksonville, FL Kansas City, MO Bronx, NY We're offering $30/hr and the schedule is M-F 7am-5:30pm Sat 7am-3:30pm, 58 hours each week. Must be able...
  3. Looking To Hire
    Sunwire Energy is a growing solar installation company based in Maryland and we are seeking a Master or Journeyman Electrician to provide licensing, leadership and technical acumen to our field operations. This is a key field management position within the company. Primary duties to include: •...
  4. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    How do you find good help? It is so hard to find a journeyman that can pass a drug test, is clean cut, and has a good driving record. Add to that someone who actually shows up for work and works hard. They are few and far between. We are just a small company, relatively new. How do you...
1-4 of 4 Results