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  1. Industrial Electrical Forum
    I am currently working in a food factory and we have a problem with the heaters of a blower machine. When the line 1 of production is working, the blower machine 1 works perfectly until the other blower machine 2 of line 2 turns on. At that moment the heaters of blower machine 1 turn off due to...
  2. Electrician Apprentice Forum
    I start as an industrial electrician helper for a 9 month project and I already applied to become an apprentice and I was looking for some advice on how to secure the apprentice position through the IBEW
  3. New Member Introductions
    I have been certified since Fall of 1968. Electrician Construction and Maintenance Certificate of Quality and Electrician Red Seal. Worked in Residential, Light Commercial, Light and Heavy Construction and Maintenance. Heavy Construction work was on Foundry Equipment including Induction...
  4. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hey everybody, im new to this site and would appreciate a little help. I am working on a nuclear densomiter installation and am installing 10 level transmitters on a vertical tree around a vessel. I have two conduit runs going up the tree, one run will carry the AC wires and the other run will...
  5. Commercial Electrical Forum
    Do you have 2-5 years work experience as an industrial electrician? Don’t be Shocked- we are Positive we want to revAMP your career! Charge to your Cell phone and Contact Barb at 866.203.8227 X5038 Or Spark up your Wired device (computer) and email [email protected] to find out more details ...
1-5 of 5 Results