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  1. need some advice for my parking lot lighting project

    Lighting Design
    I need to order some shoebox for my project, I went through on amazon, and found a wished one, it with smooth appearance, it looks nice, but I'm not sure there's no problem with the heat dissipation. Can someone help me analyze it?
  2. A curiosity I can't seem to find an answer for

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    So I under stand what a VFD is capable of, and I am aware of how it does most of what it does, but something that has bothered my for some time now is that I can't seem to understand HOW some of them can create a 3 phase load off of a single or "2 phase" line, can anyone give me an explanation...
  3. Journeyman Electricians Needed in SC

    Looking To Hire
    We are looking for Journeyman Electricians (JE) to join our team who are committed to providing industry-leading customer service and quality work. This position will require troubleshooting production equipment (generators, motors, switches, starters, control panel wiring) using electrical and...
  4. How to work Industrial with an onside Residential

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello My name is Joshua I am a college student wanting to eventually become an Industrial electrician. I plan ahead a lot I like to have an idea of where my future is heading :jester:. My question is: Is it possible to work full time as an Industrial Electrician with an onside buisness or...
  5. Getting my 442A

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hey guys, I'm a Journeyman working in Toronto. I want to get my 442 (industrial) and I was wondering if the 9000 hours for my 309 would count towards it. Can I write it immediately or must I wait a couple years as I would to get my master 309 license? Thanks
  6. Travelling

    Union Topics
    Any tips on travelling? I'm a union member, but my city doesn't have consistent OT calls or industrial shutdown/turnarounds-- unless I wanted to work RAT! :eek: Actually considered it because the nearest OT industrial calls exist 1.5 hours drive away in another local with lower scale and no...
  7. Pay for Industrial Maint. Electrician?

    Union Topics
    I've been a Maintenence Electrician for 11 years now at a 100 employee Union factory doing everything from installing new machines from scratch running power and control wiring as well as plc installation and programming to new lighting, receptacles, replacing motors, troubleshooting ect...
  8. Careers in the field of motor controls & PLC's

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    I'm currently a 3rd year apprentice and I'm in Associated Builders and Contractors 4 year program. But before I started their training program I was taking classes on my own to get an associates degree in Industrial Electrical (emphasis on motor controls and things of that sort) and at the same...
  9. First time on Industrial site

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am a 2nd year apprentice with approx 7 months residential experience 7 months Institutional/commercial work experience. The company I am working for has an out of town Industrial job (Copper Mine) and they recently said they need guys, so I said I was interested in going. There is a small...
  10. Help with commercial/industrial bidding.

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    We have a small family electrical business (my husband, father, mother and myself and 1-2 others as needed), and were recently underbid on our maintenance contract that was our only contract. My father, who is 81 is retiring and my mother who did all of the business side of the business is very...
  11. Hello from SC

    New Member Introductions
    I am glad to be here and hope I will have a chance to learn from you folks. I am a Master Electrician and a Master Trainer. I work for my wife at JuMar Training & Consulting. We provide all types of Mechatronics and Industrial Maintenance training. Also we teach Business Management...
  12. IT leftovers

    General Electrical Discussion
    Our tech department just had an overhaul. I'm trying to liquidate extras. can anyone here tell me about either of these transformers(there application and possible value). Also is there a method to testing this equipment? Any help is greatly appreciated. The first picture is the marking on the...
  13. Lineman or Industrial electrician(inside wireman)

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm 18 and I wanna get into the electricians field and i've been thinking about this for the past few years, through out highschool. I graduated and I feel that i'm really qualified to jump into this field. I either wanna be a linesman or an industrial electrician, but i'm not sure what I want...