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  1. Can We Use General Purpose Inverter for Crane?

    General Electrical Discussion
    My subcontractor use ABB ACS580 instead of ACS880. They argue that can program to control crane with it. Load capacity and motor power is no problem here, but the purpose of inverter I concern here. Is there any advice?
  2. interview question. Help!!!

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Hi everyone. I've got a question from an employer. Please give me some explaination. Thanks in advance. A motor 50kw controlled by v/f method. now F=50hz. If f=40hz. P=?
  3. ground-fault

    Alternative Energy Forum
    I'd like to ask for input and ideas relative to a possible ground-fault problem. I recently was called out to troubleshoot a residential PV system that had four (4) 2.5KW inverters. Three (3) of the inverters were inoperative (red lights + error codes). The two AC line fuses in three...
  4. AC/DC Power Inverter, Auto

    General Electrical Discussion
    My connections on this cable broke, and as I cut them off to fix and replace them, I was interrupted and didn't pay attention to which was the hot and neutral with the RED protective sleeve, so I have them mixed up and do not know. How do I tell which should have the red connection, or does it...
  5. Lenze-AC Tech Announces Release of the Nema 4X Terminal Cover with Potentiometer

    General Electrical Discussion
    Lenze-AC Tech the release of the NEMA 4X Terminal Cover with Speed Potentiometer. This Lenze-AC Tech product can replace most Hitachi Variable Frequency Drive models SJ200, L100 and L200 series products. In addition, the following AC Tech-Lenze SMV new HP Ratings are also availabe in NEMA 4X...
  6. Solar PV Installation in Ontario - Commercial 600V

    General Electrical Discussion
    Anybody w/experience installing a solar PV system in Canada/Ontario? I am talking about 10kW to 50 kW commercial w/600Vac. Are there any solar inverters (Xantrex, SatCon, others) with 600Vac output? Is it better to use an US-solar inverter for 480V with a transformer? Any help is appreciated...