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  1. Union Topics
    Hi, I’m 22 and have my 2 year Electrical degree from local college, May 2020. I interviewed last year scored a 89, however, wasn’t endensured. So I have another interview coming up next month. Since I graduated, COVID19 really messed up things. I have kept working at my job at Home Depot to...
  2. Union Topics
    just took my test today and im just curious how long itll take to know what i scored and how detailed the scoring will be
  3. Union Topics
    Hello, I am getting out of the military in a few months and debating applying at a JATC in New England (wife's hometown) vs. a JATC in central Florida (my hometown). I am trying to get an accurate breakdown of the pros and cons of each region since I figure I will be locked in for my...
  4. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi all...I'm a newly indentured apprentice inside wireman out of Local 357. Is anyone aware of work coming up? Been on board since july 18th. Getting restless waiting around to be called. Hoping that someone has some info regarding work for apprentices around Nevada. Any info will help. Thinking...
  5. Union Topics
    Does anyone here know how many new apprentices are accepted into the Local 26 (Washington D.C. area) JATC program each year? Is it hard now days to be accepted into your local? Someone has told me that last year about 200 new apprentices were accepted. Same person also told me that after about 4...
  6. Union Topics
    I'm halfway through my first year. I like what the program is about and am still fired up to learn. It just seems like the ibew could take the next step and really start cranking us out to be pros. Give any of us first years about 20 hours of one on one with some pro pipe benders and run us...
  7. General Electrical Discussion
    I took and passed the test and I meet all the qualifications to become either a Residential or Inside Wireman Apprentice for the IBEW in San Jose. However, when I went in for my interview - I was not too confident of my score of 79.59%. Does anybody know if this score is good / bad / ugly...
1-7 of 7 Results