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  1. Is my work experience enough to challenge the certificate exam?

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hi, this is kind of a two-fold question. I'm trying to emigrate to canada and PNP programs need a certificate of qualification to be accepted. I have about 4800 hours of work I can refference for in the field from an Argentine employer but aside from my Argentine electrician license (which...

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hello all! I am a complete newbie to this forum, but judging by other threads posted, the community here is very helpful. I am interviewing for a first year Electrical Apprenticeship here in Ontario, and am looking for any advice! Examples: likely questions they will ask, how to best prepare...
  3. Instrumentation and Control Technician Portland, OR Opportunity

    Looking To Hire
    Hello, I'm a recruiter for Mondelez International-Nabisco, North America. We are currently looking for Instrumentation and Control Technician in Portland, OR. As part of Manufacturing, you’ll use your skills, our systems and a wide array of raw materials to help create the delicious finished...
  4. Electricians Position Available NC. OBX

    Looking To Hire
    Interviewing for an Electricians Position, minimum 4 years experience, to join our team of professionals. Must be willing to work overtime and Saturdays as needed. Hourly pay is based on experience. 5 paid holidays annually and a weeks paid vacation after your 1st. yr. Please send a resume and...
  5. Industrial Electrician or Electro/Mech Tech- Paid Relocation_Possible Visa Sponorship

    Looking To Hire
    Looking for an electrical job troubleshooting electrical issues on multi-million dollar equipment and automated guided vehicles? If you don't already know how to do that, would you be willing to learn? We offer: Local and national promotional opportunities Great benefits with some locations...
  6. Journeyman needed in Southern New Jersey

    Looking To Hire
    We are looking for Journeyman in the Southern New Jersey region. Requirements: 5-10 years experience Valid Drivers License Personal hand tools $50,000.00 - $60,000.00 per year plus benefits. If interested (and qualified) please respond to post.
  7. Suggestions for job management software?

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    I own a small business, 5 guys out in the field, 1 in the office. I want something affordable that helps cut down on the paperwork. any ideas?
  8. Electrical Career - Oil field

    General Electrical Discussion
    First of all, glad to join the Electrical community here. I have found that the best way to get started in Electrical Jobs in the oil and gas industry is to begin by having a look at an oil & gas specific job board and seeing which roles are available. In my opinion, it's important to use...
  9. Where can I find electricians that really want to make the money?

    New Member Introductions
    I will be straight up, I am an electrical contractor in the sunny Orlando FL area. My company is In Phaze Electric. I came to this forum because I don't know what else to do or where to go. I have a rather unique business model that I operate within my company which allows for serious...
  10. Seeking Journeyman for Photovoltaics in Portland, Oregon

    Looking To Hire
    Imagine Energy, a leading energy contracting company based in Portland, Oregon, is looking for outstanding Journeyman Electricians to join our growing team. The positions will provide leadership and technical expertise to small (2-3 person) solar photovoltaic installation crews on both...
  11. Hiring Electricians!

    Looking To Hire
    Interstates Construction is looking to hire Journeyman Electricians for our traveling construction team. Please visit our website and apply online! http://jobs.interstates.com/
  12. Introduction

    New Member Introductions
    Hello members! I'm Jeff. I'm the company craft recruiter for Interstates Construction, not a third-party agency recruiter. Interstates Construction is a highly-awarded and safety-oriented electrical contractor. We're always looking for knowledgeable electricians of all levels. If you or any...
  13. Searching for an Entry-Level Electrician Resi/Comm/Indus Job Opening in Milwaukee

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings. I am searching for an entry-level electrical technician job in the Milwaukee area. I am a recent high-school graduate, and have decided to not attended a Technical college/Trade school for an electrical course (in an attempt to find employer sponsors for the local meJATC's...
  14. searching for an industrial electrican

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Do you have 2-5 years work experience as an industrial electrician? Don’t be Shocked- we are Positive we want to revAMP your career! Charge to your Cell phone and Contact Barb at 866.203.8227 X5038 Or Spark up your Wired device (computer) and email [email protected] to find out more details ...
  15. 1st year apprentice work, what to expect?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Brand new to the forum, I have mostly been a spectator so far... So, I am currently doing the pre-app/foundation program and will be done with that in July. My girlfriend and I will likely be living in Vernon, BC starting September for her schooling. I was wondering how possible would it be...
  16. Moving to Alberta in April, looking for job leads

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi There: I am a young eager motivated registered electrician apprentice looking for a long term career opportunity in Alberta. I am currently living in Ontario but will be moving to Calgary Alberta in April. My girlfriend was offered her dream job in Calgary so we will both be relocating...
  17. How competitive are union apprenticeships?

    Union Topics
    Hello there. Recently I decided to look into becoming an electrician as a career choice. I am wondering how competitive apprenticeships are these days. For reference, the Union office I am applying to is 477. I am 18 years old. I have 2 years of algebra behind me, and 1 year of...
  18. Hack job.

    General Electrical Discussion
    I just completed a panel change out. There are more splices then a AT&T phone box
  19. Young Men & Apprenticeships

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hi there, I am sure a lot of the young guys that visit this forum are having the same difficulty. Everyone wants to hire a journeymen/journeywoman status electrician or at minimum apprentices with 2nd year level experience. No one wants to be the first employer. I am trying to make my own...
  20. Summer Technical Experience

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I am a 19-year old student of electrical engineering. After suffering through the pointless classes in my high school, I was excited to discover electrical engineering and thought I'd major in it. However, I haven't liked it too much. They really like to teach the theory. I had to...