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  1. Master Electrician - Ontario, Canada (Multiple Locations)

    Looking To Hire
    Osborne is currently working with Canada’s leading HVAC provider in hiring talented, skilful Master Electricians for their first-class service teams. This company prides itself on the strength of its longstanding customer relationships and the quality of its staff members, systems and equipment...
  2. Electrical Career Paths

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hi I am a first year apprentice, started a couple months ago on a construction site that is residential/commercial. My question is what are my options as far as career paths in this Trade goes? What are the careers inside of construction, and outside. For the more experienced electricians out...
  3. Electrical Mechanics Position

    Looking To Hire
    Angel Advanced technologies is looking to fill a electrical mechanics position! Base pay starts at 16-22.00, pay is based on experience. 5 paid holidays annually and a weeks paid vacation after your 1st. yr. Please send a resume and contact info to [email protected] Or call...
  4. Looking to solve other peoples problems

    New Member Introductions
    Hi my names David, I'm 3 years post trade as an Electrician. (Instrumentation & Controls) I'm looking to find out what kind of jobs contractors and sub-contractors like doing the most, that are the easiest for their business and return high revenues at the same time. I want to know this so I...
  5. What's your favourite work to do for customers ?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I just wanted to find out what most contractors/sub-contractors favourite kind of work is FROM their customers/clients? I guess if there was the opportunity for you to only receive ONE kind of service/type job, what would it be? And why? I'm trying to find inspiration for my own side business...
  6. ***attention** job fair in sf bay area**

    Looking For Work
    IBEW Local 595 is holding a job fair next Tuesday (8/30/16) from 5p-8p. Spread the word. Please click on web link for more detailed information. http://electrical-job-fairs.com/ibew-local-595-west/
  7. Career after journeyman

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys, I am currently in school for my fourth year in Alberta, Canada. I am just a youngin, 21, and want to continue to learn and advance. Most of my experience is commercial and light residential. I was wondering what a smart career path would be to pursue afterwards. Any option is a...
  8. Memphis Apprentice

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Hello all, I've browsed this forum a lot, first time posting though. I'm 20, have read a lot and talked with folks in the trade. That being said, I'm ready to dive in and start an apprenticeship. I'm ready for the hard work, and I REALLY want to LEARN. If I'm an electrician for the rest of my...
  9. IEC Job Fair in Denver - Journeyman and Apprentice Positions

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that IEC Rocky Mountain is having a Job Fair in Denver on June 25th. We will have about 16 local electrical contractors and energy industry companies who will be hiring for local Journeymen and apprentices. So far, these companies will be there: RTD...
  10. Careers in the field of motor controls & PLC's

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    I'm currently a 3rd year apprentice and I'm in Associated Builders and Contractors 4 year program. But before I started their training program I was taking classes on my own to get an associates degree in Industrial Electrical (emphasis on motor controls and things of that sort) and at the same...
  11. Jobs app for electricians

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm creating a mobile app that would make it easier for electricians to get jobs. If you'd like to help by testing the mobile app and offering your feedback, email me at [email protected] -Allison
  12. Jobs app for electricians

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I'm creating a mobile app that would make it easier for electricians to get jobs. If you'd like to help by testing the mobile app and offering your feedback, email me at [email protected] -Allison
  13. Hiring instructors for electrical apprenticeship school in Denver, Colorado

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hi everyone! IECRM in Denver, Colorado is looking for new instructors for our 2012 and 2013 electrical apprenticeship and continuing education classes. Our school brings in over 500 students a year. We are specifically seeking: Licensed independent electricians Solar professionals...
  14. not sure where to post this, but moving soon and looking for work

    General Electrical Discussion
    i'm living in plano, tx now, and will be moving to fort collins/boulder/greeley area in the next few months. just wondering how the job market is for the industrial/commercial work up there right now. i'm a second year apprentice, and have done really well here. someone guide me in the right...
  15. Can't find work in Chicago...

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone who is located in the Chicago area knows anyone hiring. I have been laid off due to lack of work and have not been able to find steady work in over a year. My main focus is residential service work. I am an excellent troubleshooter. This housing crunch has...
  16. IBEW 569: Finding work in the area

    Union Topics
    Okay, so I've already sent my application for starting this fall, and I will be taking the aptitude test next Thursday. I feel good it, as well as the interview, but one of the things that's been worrying me is finding work in the area. I keep hearing that jobs in construction is pretty slow...