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  1. Wireless Kitchen Lights

    Lighting Design
    Hello everyone! I bought a new home and I am planning to install under cabinet kitchen lights. Because I don't want to make any opening, I am considering the option of wireless control. I have easy access to connect the lights to the existing outlets, but to control them, the only option is to...
  2. Adding MWBCs while being code legal

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I'm in a condo and have an old Murray 6 space 100 amp breaker panel. I'm remodeling my kitchen and want to add circuits while bringing the installation up to code. I'm planning on adding two quadplex breakers. These quadplex breakers consist of two 2 pole 20 amp common trip breakers. With my...
  3. AFCI in kitchen lighting circuits

    General Electrical Discussion
    I was asked today by my journeyman if lighting circuits in resi kitchens need an AFCI. The lights on the circuit are only in the kitchen. I looked it up in the code book and kitchens, as far as I can tell, aren't on the list of rooms where it is required. I was wondering if anyone on here...
  4. GFCI requirement in the kitchen

    NEC Code Forum
    Hello, I have a question regarding a kitchen GFCI. I know that NEC codes in California under 2005 NEC states that you require GFCI no more then 24 inches of wall space and if you have dedicated spaces for ranges or sinks outlet within 24 inches or outlet not required if 12 inches or 18 inches...