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  1. Name the top 3 ways your getting leads for your business?

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Curious as to the best ways people have found to get leads coming in? I would like to know what has worked best for you but I do not want answers such as: HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, or AngiesList If you are able to provide me with up to 3 I would appreciate it. If you cannot list 3 because you...
  2. Making the Phone Ring

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    If you're working the aftermarket segment, residential and small commercial, realize that most tackle modifications and corrections because the property is up for sale or has just been purchased// leased. So, it's worth your time to build a contact list filled with recently opened businesses...
  3. Looking For Lighting Retrofit Installers

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Hi guys, I'm looking to build a nationwide network of contractors with experience installing large scale lighting retrofit projects. We target warehousing and industrial clients throughout the country and prefer working with contractors based locally in each region. We work with end customers...
  4. Aspiring Union#357 Member w/ a Novice Professional Experience Level

    New Member Introductions
    Hello. My name is James. I've passed the Union aptitude test and have interviewed; and am now waiting to hear an update on the union's 'hiring freeze' (here in Las Vegas). Heard about this site and thought I would check it out. Thanks.