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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi been using incandescent lamps for years and I really need to replace it because it gives a high electricity bill. Is LED a good suggestion? I'm a newbie here, I appreciate your suggestions guys. Thanks!
  2. Lighting Design
    The standard LED T5, could be Type A or Type B(single-end powered or double-end powered), 100-277VAC whole voltage, with high PF 0.95, built-in LED driver with whole glass material. I think this product is a revolution in the world's lighting industry and a hot spot, how do you think?
  3. Lighting Design
    There're many ballasts compatible LED tubes on the market for retrofitting, I wonder that people prefer Constant Current or Constant Voltage. Just a research, I'm appreciated for everyone's opinion. Thank you!
  4. UK Electrical Forum
    Hello, I'm Doug from Simple Lighting based in Wirral, UK. We've had a few customers asking us about LED Tube lights recently, and we put together a video and blog post about them. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing how easy it is to swap fluorescent tubes for LED, it's...
  5. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hello Fellow Electricians, I have been in the trade for approximately 15 years. I jumped around from residential service work to new construction, and then into commercial T.I.'s. Then later down the road jumped into Sign Repair, and Lighting Maintenance. I finally jumped ship, and have a...
  6. Lighting Design
    There are very limited applications where LEDs are suitable such as outdoor lighting where color quality is only a moderate importance, or where highly saturated colors are needed for decorative purposes. However, these are some applications where I recommend against currently available LED...
  7. Lighting Design
    Consumer LED products have come a long way. Last time I was signed on this forum, the latest was the Philips L-Prize which cost like $50. At that price, it was limited to gadget enthusiasts. LED "light bulbs" have come and gone, and often ending up in clearance section within a few months due...
  8. General Electrical Discussion
    Can someone tell me the requirements for LED drivers in wet areas? If i was to put LED lights in a zone 0 area the requirements are selv or pelv. This is not a problem with standard 24V lighting as a isolation transformer can be used. However the LED lights require the drive to regulate the...
  9. Lighting Design
    After it was mentioned to me here, I have acquired a several samples of Utilitech (Lowe's private brand) A19 7.5W LED lamp intended to replace 40W standard incandescent. Product comes in two variations under the same UPC. One is 435lm another is 450 lm. They're both rated at 3,000K CCT. A...
  10. Lighting Design
    Pictures taken at ISO 80, F2.7 and 1 second exposure with daylight white balance. Initial assessment as I went there was its so dim its hard to see my way through. My headlights and neighbors porch lights helped a lot. Subjectively, it just wasn't up to par with HPS or MH in providing...
  11. Lighting Design
    Cameras are not ideal for capturing how light is perceived by people in a way its intended, so its always best to go and look yourself. (and an excuse, because I haven't taken any pics yet :P ) Looking at it won't tell anything about the power-input end of the story though, so it gives you an...
1-11 of 16 Results