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  1. Measuring amps from 2.5 amp 12 DC power supply

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I have an led circuit. I am trying to see how the voltage drop happens on a 20 awg wire from the power supply. The reason I am doing this is because the power supply needs to be approximately 40 feet from the first led strip. The led strips are each a meter a piece. I am not worried about...
  2. Grow STADIUMS supercede Grow Rooms

    General Electrical Discussion
    Check this out. This will end up being a HUGE electrical sector. An opponent:
  3. High quality / CRI led light sources

    Lighting Design
    I have been doing quite a bit of research lately in search of high CRI led light sources. This is what I came up with: AR and PAR lamps - Soraa - with 95 CRI they are the best by far led strips - Flexfire leds - their high CRI one has 93+, its rather pricey though incandescent replacement -...
  4. Misconception:"LEDs produce almost no heat". LEDs require MASSIVE HEATSINK

    Lighting Design
    What goes in gotta come out. What a backward concept. :001_huh: Many have heard that snow does not melt because LEDs are "so energy efficient". Along with that was a misconception that LEDs run cool and give off almost no heat...
  5. Pictures 5000K 85, 90 & 98 CRI fluorescent+ 6500K LED

    Lighting Design
    I decided to take a few since what I can find is just color chip comparison. CRI is calculated based on how it renders eight standard color chips, hence "Ra8". Its easier to compare on spec sheets, but they don't always tell you the true story. Different color temperatures look different...