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  1. Move to CA with my german Electrician Journeyman License

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey there, :) I have a german electrician license since 2012. And I am willing to move to California. I have already 2 job offers. Will my license be recognized and acknowledged? Or do I have to have it certified? And where ? Thank you for your help :)
  2. South Carolina Contractors Exam

    General Electrical Discussion
    I live in CT but will be moving to SC in about a year. I do not have a license currently (not required for my job) but have been in the trade as the maintenance electrician for a hospital, and many years of previous experience. Based on what I was reading I can verify my employment through the...
  3. First steps

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I decided to start my life from a white sheet and to be an Electrician. I am a student at Humber College (Canada/Ontario/Toronto), a 1-year certificate Electrical Techniques program. I like it. I’m sure it is my field even though I haven’t had any experience in this industry...
  4. ICC Examination

    General Electrical Discussion
    Could someone please clarify how this works? I was told taking the ICC exam would allow me to get licences and permits in many municipalities across the country.
  5. New Jersey State Master Electrician Exam

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I am looking for some information regarding the Electricians exam in New Jersey, has anyone taken it or a refresher course for NJ? I have my license in Pa and I heard New Jersey is harder and you need to know NJ Law when you take it? Any information would be greatly appreciated...:glasses:
  6. Manitoba Electrical Contractors License

    General Electrical Discussion
    i am planning to write manitoba Electrical contractors license. Can u guys Suggest any good books or sites from where i can get some material on the exam for a REFRESHER as i wrote 309 in 2014.so really need a refresher.
  7. Florida State Certified Electrical & Fire Alarm EC & EF licenses available to qualify

    Looking For Work
    Florida State Certified Electrical & Fire Alarm EC & EF licenses available to qualify State Certified Electrical & Fire Alarm Qualifieravailable to qualify a new or existing business. I have over 32 years in the industry. Please email me to discuss your qualification needs. Contact...
  8. Licensing questions

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    So I am currently living in Dallas Texas and am considering doing an apprenticeship. I plan on moving back to Alabama once I become a Master electrician. Will my hours worked transfer to Alabama? Also will I have to retake the test in Alabama?
  9. I'm licensed in a state with no reciprocal agreements and want to move to Colorado

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm newly licensed in Connecticut (E-2 UNLIMITED ELECTRICAL JOURNEYPERSON) and am interested in moving to and working in Colorado. CT has no reciprocal agreements with any state, iv'e looked into getting licensed in CO. I believe i fall into the licensure by endorsement category? The issues i'm...
  10. NJ License Use

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I have a valid NJ Electrical Contractors license but do not have a business permit. I currently work for a company operating under a low voltage exemption. This company would like to operate with my license. I understand the insurance aspects and the fact that I will not be able to use my...
  11. ICC Pennsylvania City & Township Tests and Exams

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hello, I recall the Commonwealth was debating over a statewide license push a year or so back. Obviously it tanked again. So here we go with the infinity number to chase. I think that I can remember that the Philadelphia test has a certain number and the other cities use another id numbered...
  12. My exeperience writing and passing the C of Q

    General Electrical Discussion
    I wanted to make a thread outlining all the hoops I've been jumping through for the last 3 months in preparation for writing the Inter-Provincial Construction and Maintenance Electrician Exam. In Ontario, it all starts when you finish doing the third term, advanced, in trade school. Depending...
  13. California State Certification with Criminal Record

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I made some mistakes when I was younger and was convicted of two felonies one for sending a threat to someone and one for possession of marijuana in a state that doesn't have medical marijuana. Will criminal convictions like these cause any problems for my certification or for obtaining...
  14. Transferring Work Hours and Licenses

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi I am currently a helper electrician in Maine. I have completed a vocational 2-year program in the trade and have my minimum 576-hours course work for a journeyman license. I will be taking a 1-year community college program in electrical soon. The community college program, although being...
  15. contractor issues

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a question and I would like some experienced input if I can get it. (I think I can here.) I have a contractor who is asking me to do some work for him for a customer he has and I just looked up his license and found out it is suspended. It looks like his insurance has expired, along with...
  16. IEC Job Fair in Denver - Journeyman and Apprentice Positions

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that IEC Rocky Mountain is having a Job Fair in Denver on June 25th. We will have about 16 local electrical contractors and energy industry companies who will be hiring for local Journeymen and apprentices. So far, these companies will be there: RTD...
  17. February Classes in Denver: PDU, License Prep, and Estimating

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone, The following classes are starting at IECRM in Denver, CO, in February: PDU: 2011 NEC Code Changes (Feb. 2) Colorado RW, JW, and Master Electrician License Prep (Starts Feb. 6) Estimating for the Trades (Feb. 7) Hope this is helpful to you or an Apprentice that you may know...
  18. Albany and other NY electrician certifications and requirements???

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm a North Carolina Licensed electrician. I've operated my business for over 5 years. I'll be relocating to Columbia County NY next year and was trying to find a resource to explain the county based EC "licensing" system. I'm not coming up with much, so I was wondering if anyone had any...
  19. need help from journeymen, how to take test using w-2's?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi, I hope my initial question makes sense but to elaborate- I live in new mexico and I have been doing residential electrical service for nine years now. I have taken a six month NEC course, and in new mexico I am required to get an affidavit signed by an electrical contractor stating that I...
  20. NYC Master Electrician License Question.

    General Electrical Discussion
    I currently passed both tests and will have to go in front of the board for the final approval for NYC Master Electrician license. In order to go in front of the board I have to provide insurance, company name, location, etc. My question is if I do not want to start my own business, what would...