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  1. Prevent Electrical Wires from Cutting/Tearing in Ceiling Light

    General Electrical Discussion
    I installed a Recessed Ceiling Light. The Manufacturer Halo Eaton built Silver Metal Mounting Rack with Very Sharp Inner Edges. Wires loop through the center sharp edge. So when installing or removing a ceiling lightl it may cut/tear, and spark. (it happened to previous customer) Sometimes...
  2. Wireless Kitchen Lights

    Lighting Design
    Hello everyone! I bought a new home and I am planning to install under cabinet kitchen lights. Because I don't want to make any opening, I am considering the option of wireless control. I have easy access to connect the lights to the existing outlets, but to control them, the only option is to...
  3. Inexperienced, looking for input.

    Lighting Design
    Hey guys, I have an issue I've been trying to figure out myself for quite a while now but can't seem to find a solution. I also havent had any professional schooling (other than like 1 electrical engineering course) and am otherwise just self taught. Here we go: Just for reference this has to...
  4. Correct wiring for light fixture?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am a homeowner and I don't know much about electricity other than basic wiring. I was replacing some ceiling light fixtures today and I am unsure of the existing wiring situation. There are 4 wires coming into the box. Each with a black, white, & ground (12 individual wires). The way that it...
  5. Relay

    General Electrical Discussion
    For a relay having a single 87 port, rated at 40A and 12V, would splicing the wire leaving the 87 port into 2 wires to connect to 2 x 12V loads overpower the relay and kill it? The current being drawn from the 2 loads is well under 40A combined--so that is not the problem. This set-up resulted...
  6. Switch to motion detector

    New Member Introductions
    i have a motion detector light out in my driveway but its always on. Im thinking if i can put that motion detector on a switch so i can turn it on when i want. and have it turn on when the detector is activated? is this possible
  7. DC solar system for a single sign light

    General Electrical Discussion
    The chairmen of my neighborhood had asked me to look at a solar system to find out why the sign light is barely working on days where there is not as much sun. I have not worked on solar systems like this before. It is quite high tech. The package comes with the solar panel, Controller box...
  8. How to plug in a Philips Low Pressure Sodium Bulb using a Ballast

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi folks! I bought these 3 things: • Leviton 8806 Bayonet Base, keyless, HID, Glazed Porcelain Lampholder • Fulham WH2-120-C Workhorse Adaptable Ballast • Philips 327817 35-watt T15 SOX35 Low Pressure Sodium HID Light Bulb But I don’t know a ton about electricity or LPS bulbs but I need to...
  9. Touch Lamp Circuit

    Lighting Design
    I'm looking to design and make my own touch lamp. I can only find circuitry that allows me to touch on and touch off. I want the lamp to only be on when I'm holding it. As though my hand completes the circuit, and without my hand, it's off. Anyone have any ideas on this, please? Thanks for...
  10. Underwater pool lights at community pool

    Lighting Design
    I talked with the pool management company today about our underwater pool lights. He said they are connected to a GFCI breaker, and, while they do trip frequently, they are never tested. How often should a GFCI breaker be tested? The pool is about 20 years old. Would you let your kids swim in...
  11. lights tripping arc

    Residential Electrical Forum
    quick question. we installed 2 lights in a new house and during the finish they have worked however now they are tripping the arc fault. we took them down and installed 1 and it worked then we installed the other and it tripped. it only works if 1 light is up and it doesnt matter which light...
  12. Moisture in Raintight Luminaire

    General Electrical Discussion
    My company recently installed 12 RAB VX100DG fixtures along a driveway at a customer's residence. We are having an issue with the bulbs burning out and moisture collecting in the glass. Does anybody have any experience with this problem and have any recommendations. I'm planning on going back...
  13. Hacks

    General Electrical Discussion
    While looking for a pdf version of the Canadian electric code I came across this on a DIY website.
  14. Recess light in return air

    Lighting Design
    I am installing a 4" soffet (onto an existing ceiling), adding recessed lights in the soffet. The 6" HALO (H7ICAT) IC Air Tight cans are taller than the 4", requiring me to cut into the ceiling above the soffet. Unfortunately, the space above one of these lights is part of the return air for...
  15. Newbie Electrical safety Question

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I was wondering how much current(amps?) is in a 50 watt 12 volt bulb connected to a 12 volt battery with 18ft of wiring? And if it's safe to hold the bulb with your bare hands? Thanks
  16. Lighting a Light Bulb up and holding it in your Hands

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I was wondering how to light a light bulb up without placing it in a socket, and being able to hold it in your hands? like this guy: http://cache2.vuze.com/assets/666/230666/24406/ZN23HKO6GNDIWQD4ZVVJ2XT6L6XJUNGZ.jpg Does anyone know how to do that>?