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  1. Light Fixture Driver and Light Engine Help

    Lighting Design
    Problem: I have a Cree fixture that I am constantly replacing in stores and the driver is built into the fixture and has no specs to it. Light engines always test okay, but the drivers fail and I then have to replace the fixture which is expensive in comparison to all the fixtures I can replace...
  2. Hello everyone!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I work at a lighting distributor company. Have been in electrical field for about 10 years now and hold a PE license in MA. Worked in commercial, healthcare, residential, and educational fields. I’ve been reading this forum from time to time and learned a lot so recently...
  3. What wireless lighting control system have you installed? Anything worth looking into

    Lighting Design
    I know of RAB's lightcloud system, but are there other lighting control systems you have heard of that are good contenders or alternatives to this? I know companies like Lutron have their own version and LG Lighting has something with ZigBee wireless capability. Looking for feedback on...
  4. Greetings from Innovative Lighting in Iowa

    New Member Introductions
    I just wanted to formally introduce myself, my name is Buddy, I work for Innovative Lighting as a lighting consultant for Iowa's only LED lighting manufacturer. I did not join this forum to advertise Innovative Lighting products, I joined to help people with any lighting questions/concerns that...
  5. Multiple Occupany Sensor to control lights

    Lighting Design
    hallway is 100Ft 20 lights 5 Occupancy sensors Is there a way I can connect all 20 lights to all come on from all 5 occupancy sensor located at different locations? or do i have to split up 4 lights per sensor?
  6. Question and reviews...Acuity Lighting Control

    Lighting Design
    Hello I am the head electrician of a private school and we are building a new building. The contracted electrician has put in a change order to use a Acuity nLight lighting control over a Watt Stopper brand. I have never used the nLight system and am curious if anyone has. Pros / Cons and...
  7. Touch Lamp Circuit

    Lighting Design
    I'm looking to design and make my own touch lamp. I can only find circuitry that allows me to touch on and touch off. I want the lamp to only be on when I'm holding it. As though my hand completes the circuit, and without my hand, it's off. Anyone have any ideas on this, please? Thanks for...
  8. Supermarket Lighting Voltage

    Lighting Design
    I've done a lot of commercial electrical work, but never in a supermarket. Could someone tell me if the typical supermarket lighting voltage is 120V or 277V? Thanks.
  9. What is average Price for LED High Bay light?

    Lighting Design
    I don't know how often do yall do industrial lighting project. When you go out there looking for LED High Bay light for a project , What is a price range that you could accept? And what brands you'd like to choose? Beers on me. Thank you.
  10. Opening an office in Houston Texas

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    We are in LED lighting business. Especially High-bay lights. We have years of experience working in Europe Market. Now we are getting our certification and trying to open an office in Houston Texas. Any thoughts?
  11. Can more than one light sensor turn on multiple fixtures?

    Lighting Design
    I'm an audio/video guy with a lot of wiring experience, including basic electrical, but I have no clue if I'm using the right terms in the Title. Here's the situation. I want to add a motion sensor light switch to both sides of my garage door. (It's pretty wide and two lights are helpful.)...
  12. 4.5 va per sq. ft for lighting and receptacle circuits

    NEC Code Forum
    I am currently working through Tom Henry's "Calculations..." book for the 2014 NEC. At least a couple of place it uses a factor of 4.5 va / sq. ft. for lighting and receptacle circuits (non-continuous). I cannot find this in the code. Does anyone know where is this "4.5 va" term is in the NEC...
  13. 3-week delayed CB trip. Huh??

    General Electrical Discussion
    We have several branch banks that have been installed with no problems (same lighting installation) but with no problems. We have ONE site that has a 20A breaker (can you believe it's circuit breaker #13) tripping almost exactly about every three weeks that powers a track lighting branch...
  14. Building Lamps for the UK

    UK Electrical Forum
    Hi everyone! I have an interesting question that I, the electrically challenged, would like some resources and information regarding. I am an assistant and the man I am doing some work for is building custom ceiling lamps that he would like to debut and potentially sell in the UK. He is from...
  15. Looking for Master Electrician to pull permits for Commercial Lighting

    Looking To Hire
    Looking for someone who can pull permits for us mainly on the east coast as we need them. We can pay a flat fee for you to just pull the permits and do a walk through or you can work with us on the job. Private Message me if interested. We are based out of Atlanta but travel wherever our clients...
  16. Electrical Design

    General Electrical Discussion
    Happy Thanksgiving, I'd like to have a string of 25-40 watt bulbs wired similar to a string of Christmas lights, with, a dimmer that would create a least to brightest sequence along the string. How do I do this? :santa:
  17. National Lighting Accounts Pricing

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    All, I'm new to this forum so let me apologize in advance if I put this in the wrong section. I wanted to get an idea for the national account pricing for linear fluorescent lights from companies such as GE, Philips, Osram, etc. I'm trying to figure out whether or not this is worth pursuing...
  18. What type of lamp and fixture is this?

    Lighting Design
    Hi! I was wondering what type of fixture this is, and how the light is controlled? https://www.dropbox.com/s/r6xxcc98yotuqw6/IMG_5648.JPG I know it's a linear pendant fixture with T8 fluorescent lamps. At first I thought it had cross baffles, but seems like it is actually exposed. What do...
  19. Help troubleshooting lighting

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm new here as i found this site googling my problem hoping to stumble onto something. If this is in the wrong thread please move accordingly. I have 6 pot lights the keep tripping a gfi outlet.. I am hooking these up to a temp panel as the panel is not ready to go yet. The lights are...
  20. Two bathrooms, one Exhaust Fan, one circuit.

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    A job I'm working on I have a men's and women's bathroom next to each other. The lighting in them are both run off the same 120v circuit. Plans call for the roof top exhaust fan that exhausts both bathrooms to turn on when either one of the lights are turned on in either bathroom. The exhaust...