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  1. Linework
    Working with a Company that is interested in pocketbook grips. Have evaluated the market and trying to understand what opportunities there may be to innovate the pocketbook grip. Anyone willing to share feedback on how they have used or currently use these grips? Are there features or...
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to this website but I'm glad I stumbled onto this. I'm a former generator operator/electrician in the Marines and I was never licensed as a civilian. I was taught the basics of electricity and mostly used this to power grids on field operations out on the West Coast. I'm out now and...
  3. Union Topics
    Hello everyone, I will be taking the aptitude test later this month at the local 400 hall in NJ and I am seeking some advice. The booklet NEAT sent me, says you will be tested on Algebra and reading, I have been studying problems that are just like the sample test questions they give you and...
  4. Linework
    I will be brief. I am a married military vet with 3 kids. Married 17 years. Kids are teens. I am interested in breaking into the trade and have a few questions: 1. I know apprenticeship takes you all over the states within your region and lasts for about 3 years. How often are you moved...
  5. Linework
    Hey everyone, new to the site.... I have just received my letter from NEAT stating that I passed my aptitude test, It was pretty difficult for me given all the complicated algebra, but the reading portion was a breeze. The woman I talked to said she couldn't give me my exact score but told me I...
  6. Linework
    Has anyone heard of some new overhead line contract in Thailand that is apparantly paying linemen 200,000us$. If you have i would love some more info on that thanks
1-6 of 7 Results