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    Does anyone work for local 26? I have some questions about it. I have an offer to work there. I`m in a tricky situation with my non union apprenticeship. I could use advice from anyone who joined from a non union apprenticeship.
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    I just went through almost the whole process for the ibew apprenticeship I passed my test and didn't get my score but I had ny interview. I believe it went well I knew one of the interviewers a little bit I want to know how likely is it I will be accepted I won't know until some time in June can...
  3. Union Topics
    Does anyone here know how many new apprentices are accepted into the Local 26 (Washington D.C. area) JATC program each year? Is it hard now days to be accepted into your local? Someone has told me that last year about 200 new apprentices were accepted. Same person also told me that after about 4...