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  1. Union Topics
    took my aptitude test in august, called shortly after and was told that i passed and to expect a letter early january. went into panic mode last week thinking i may have been passed over so i called to check on my status. the lady on the phone told me that they extended the application deadline...
  2. Union Topics
    So I just got my letter from local 302 saying thank you for my interest in the program but I have not been selected at the time. I scored a 91.7% on the interview. Is this a good score ? Do I still have a chance at being chosen ? I want this apprenticeship more than anything and I want to know...
  3. Union Topics
    Hey, I was just accepted in to my local electrical union and I do not want to live where I'm at now for the rest of my life. After I finish my 5 years, can I switch to another Local? Thanks
  4. Union Topics
    I'm halfway through my first year. I like what the program is about and am still fired up to learn. It just seems like the ibew could take the next step and really start cranking us out to be pros. Give any of us first years about 20 hours of one on one with some pro pipe benders and run us...
  5. Union Topics
    Hi All! I just finished my testing and interview for 440 and 447. I was told I am no. 141 in Riverside County and 161 in San Bernardino County. Does anyone know if I have a good chance of getting in within the next 2 years. Any insight on this or these locals would be great. Thanks! :)
1-5 of 5 Results