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  1. Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi all, new member here, LJ and I’m in Columbus Ohio. I know my way around residential electric, not formally trained per say, I was my dad’s official assistant for all of his side jobs as I was growing up. He was an IBEW man for 38 years. I need some info please; I have a client I’ve been...
  2. Residential Electrical Forum
    I have a low voltage light installation with 20 transformers/lamps (50watts) in a residence. 2 of the transformers went bad within 6 months of the installation in 2006. 1 more transformer went bad in the second year after installation. And two more transformers went bad in the sixth year...
  3. Lighting Design
    I was curious if anyone had experience with Plexi-neon. It's a flexible neon lighting product (low-voltage - 24v). I am installing it in a high rise residential condo and have a few questions that I can not find an answer to. The customer wants to dim it in some locations which is not a...
1-3 of 3 Results