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metal halide

  1. Metal Halide - Pulse Start Fixture

    Lighting Design
    Does anyone know where there is good info on the theory of metal halide pulse start lights? The fixtures I'm interested in are: 250W Pulse Start Constant Wattage Autotransformer Ballast. Which consist of: 1. Ballast which appears to be a transformer with multi tapped input and leads between...
  2. How to install a LED retrofit in place of HID lamps.

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    We have been overwhelmed by requests to show our fellow electricians how to install LED retrofits in place of HID lamps. Some advantages of installing a retrofit instead of a new fixture: 1. Cost, Cost, Cost... because you can use the existing fixture housing. 2. People like the idea of not...
  3. CRI is an archaic measurement that doesn't address real life rendition

    Lighting Design
    There are very limited applications where LEDs are suitable such as outdoor lighting where color quality is only a moderate importance, or where highly saturated colors are needed for decorative purposes. However, these are some applications where I recommend against currently available LED...
  4. "outdoor" high bay lighting

    Code Violation Discussion
    IP 66 luminaire and some heavy duty outdoor wiring method :eek:... Something I have run into on way to a service call Do they still allow MH lamps with only aluminium reflector and no glass, or does it have to be fully enclosed? I have seen plenty of open type ones in warehouses and shops...
  5. When does Metal Halide Become Uneconomic?

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    It seems like LED is becoming more and more cost-competitive with Metal Halide. First it was A9s. I imagine only a short-while before they trump T5s. And now I see them more and more in outdoor settings (street lights, car deals, McDonalds). Where is the limit? Does Metal Halide have a future...
  6. Troubleshoot This!

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a customer who has some HID (Metal Halide) lights under her house. They were not working when I got there and there was supposed to be a switch that controlled the circuit they are on. Well, I disconnected the switch completely, (took apart the switch and the neutrals), and now the...
  7. Installing fuses in Metal Halide fixtures?

    Lighting Design
    Ok, I had a new request today, and curious to know if any of you guys have any input on this one. Here is the language of the request: This is for a relamp project that is moving from 175W MH lamps to 150W Pulse Start. No ballast change is required, but I have to say I have no idea on the...