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  1. Moving to Washington from Arkansas

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm currently a 2nd year apprentice in Arkansas and I'm looking to move to the Vancouver, Washington area sometime next year. My goal is to test for the 02 Residential Journeyman license and move shortly after I get it. If I'm understanding it right, I need 4,000 on the job training...
  2. Moving MCCs, Switchgear, UPSs, Etc.

    Industrial Electrical Forum
    I work for a company installing MCCs, Switchgear, UPSs, and other electrical components into skids. These things are really heavy and there is no supports from above to use a chain pull. Is there an easier way to set these things than with prybars crowbars, and sledgehammers? I was thinking of...
  3. Moving to DFW area.

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am a residential journeyman and commercial electrical contractor in Washington state with 8 years total experience and my family and I have decided we want to move to the Dallas Fort-Worth area. I am looking for information on what i can expect as far as wages and generally what to expect in...
  4. Moving to Alberta in April, looking for job leads

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi There: I am a young eager motivated registered electrician apprentice looking for a long term career opportunity in Alberta. I am currently living in Ontario but will be moving to Calgary Alberta in April. My girlfriend was offered her dream job in Calgary so we will both be relocating...
  5. Moving/switching Local's

    Union Topics
    Hey, I was just accepted in to my local electrical union and I do not want to live where I'm at now for the rest of my life. After I finish my 5 years, can I switch to another Local? Thanks
  6. UK Aussie working in the UK *Help*

    UK Electrical Forum
    Gday, I'm a 'A' class Qualified electrician (fitter mechanic) back home in Australia and am moving to London in June 2012 to live and work for 2 years on a youth migration visa. I'v been qualified for nearly 3 years and am used to earning around $1000 Aussie P/W... I just want to know how the...
  7. RI Master Electrician moving to Oregon... any advice?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Me and my fiance (who is a auto cad drafter) are planning on moving to oregon next year. In RI it is too expensive to live and even though we are both making decent money, we cant afford to buy a house here. we've done our research and have visited oregon on vacation, and we both make more money...