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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    Customer has a dual stage Dyna-Glo 10kw electric garage heater with peak load of 240v/41.66 amps. The manual calls out a max 50amp breaker. Following NEC rules and considering this a continuous load item it would force me to increase by 125% which is 52.075amps this causes two issues: 1) this...
  2. Other Codes and Standards
    Does anybody have run into any code references NEC-NFPA, API referring requirement for grounding above ground DIESEL storage tanks? I have heard arguments that Diesel being higher flash point does not have issues of fires due to static discharge.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Does NEC allow running multiple 480V 3 Phase Power load conductors in a single conduit instead of running each 3 phase loads conductors in separate conduits?
  4. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi Everyone, we are working on a very large exterior lighting conversation at an industrial site. Replacing 400W + 1000W HID fixtures w/ new LEDs. The problem is, the existing 40FT+ poles don't have an existing ground wire. To add a ground to these poles would require a $1M+ infrastructure...
  5. General Electrical Discussion
    Assuming that I'm considering motor power factor, efficiency, altitude correction and all those fancy but critical factors... which current should I consider as input to cable sizing by voltage regulation: 600V or 575V? FLA is defined as the current at full capacity drawn by the motor at rated...
  6. NEC Code Forum
    Is there anything in the NEC code applying to this: If i have a board, with mostly low voltage parts, and there are some parts running voltage from the wall, 115v or whatever it may be, how do I separate them according to the NEC code?
  7. Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hey all I'm currently at an Electrical training school. Does anyone have any tips or advice for someone that is just getting into the NEC? More specifically things I should get familiar with to get licensed as an electrical contractor in NJ.
  8. Code Violation Discussion
    Ok guys I have one for you. I have recently had a inspector from the state come to our plant and gig'd me for some violations on flexible cable. I have a hard pipe in my shop that goes to a 6X6 box and changes to a "heavy usage" cable to plug in my welders, plasma cutter and such, 400.10 (6)...
  9. NEC Code Forum
    Number of circuits required for the lighting load of an 8000 sq.ft. residence? Any guesses? :thumbsup:
  10. NEC Code Forum
    What are the requirements of splicing romex in attics in the NEC. Is it required to be spliced in a box? Please state where it is located in the NEC.
  11. NEC Code Forum
    My question is as the title goes. Can I run 50A stove cables and romex throught the dead space underneath cabinets? I've taken on a side job doing some residential stuff and the property manager wants the stove moved from the wall to the center of the kitchen to a sort of bar set up. I'm not...
  12. NEC Code Forum
    NEC Table 210.24 allows a 15 amp receptacle to be installed on a 20 amp circuit. How is this ok?
  13. NEC Code Forum
    I am currently working through Tom Henry's "Calculations..." book for the 2014 NEC. At least a couple of place it uses a factor of 4.5 va / sq. ft. for lighting and receptacle circuits (non-continuous). I cannot find this in the code. Does anyone know where is this "4.5 va" term is in the NEC...
  14. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I was contacted by a lawyer the other day, and it turns out he has a client that was shocked at a rental property, and is seeking damages. He is looking for someone to go inspect the property, and look for code violations. He submitted me some photos, and I see some issues right away. I...
  15. NEC Code Forum
    I'd like to get your take on this change to the 2014 National Electric Code
  16. NEC Code Forum
    SSE Electrical and Instrumentation is proud to offer the exclusive Masters and Journeyman review classes to prepare individuals to take the Masters or Journeyman Test. Learn the basics of how to take the test from the experts at SSE Electrical. ​ Please contact Steve Scruggs, Vice President...
  17. General Electrical Discussion
    First my caveats: 1. If my responses or information provided are not proper, I'm handicapped... I'm not an electrician. Even worse, I'm a mechanical engineer who is all thumbs with electrical things. Ok, I'm not that bad, but... 2. I'm not sure if this request for help belongs in a...
  18. NEC Code Forum
    I have done some reasearch via API/NEC and have been unsuccessful in locating any distances electrical equipment need to be located away from a flare. Any advice?
  19. NEC Code Forum
    Some of you guys really seem to know me, others not. My question is, I'm going to start studying my code book again, but I hate just looking through with no real rhyme or reason, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to study up for. I'll take suggestions for one week from...
  20. NEC Code Forum
    1) Is there any coding that would not allow the use of a power strip within an enclosure? 2) Is there any coding that would not allow you to cut the plug off of a power strip and run the cord to a j-box to be hardwired, all within an enclosure? 3) Also, can you use butt connectors, out in the...