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  1. Question on neutral sharing

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Good afternoon folks, I’m an maintenance electrician working for a college system in NY, and have been tasked with changing out existing Obsolete light fixtures in the corridor s with new LEDs in a dormitory. Sorry for this huge message, but I have run into something I have not seen before and...
  2. EMI problems!

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys, This is my first post here and am really do so because I am desperate and need to get a few other opinions. I run a small overdub recording studio from my home and when I moved to my current spot, the amount of EMI picked up in voice-coil (magnetic field) microphones and electric...
  3. 3 phase 120/208V with a grounded neutral question

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Gentlemen, I’m hoping you might be able to help me with a question regarding a 3 phase PDUs and its proper receptacle in a data center environment in Japan. The PDU we were given to work with has a L15-30 plug. Our power source is 3 phases of 120V and a grounded neutral. Ultimately, I want...
  4. New some professional advise

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I just need some advice. I’m not an electrician, but I have a concern with my breaker box. I just bought my first house and we needed to get a new dryer. I noticed the dryer was hardwired into the breaker box. So I decide to get the proper outlet and supplies. Before doing so I researched...
  5. How severe is a neutral shock?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I was just discussing the subject of neutral shocks with a few coworkers. Take for example, a 120 volt single phase circuit that feeds an electric motor. The motor impedance is 12 ohms, therefore it draws 10 amps. Now, suppose you break the neutral and you touch each wire with your...
  6. Three conductors with continuity?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    A customer recently called me and said she attempted to change out a light switch and after she did she turned the power back on she got a large flash and blew a fuse. When I got there the switch box had three conductors in it and the switch was a switch and receptical combo, switch on top and...
  7. Delta transfomer being fed with neutral

    Services and Service Equipment
    so here is the deal we have a jbox that has 3phases plus a neutral. out of the jbox we are feeding our delta transfomer. Since the xfrmr does not need a neutral on the primary. I wanted to abandon the neutral at the jbox , my toolie wants to pull it along with the other wires and land it at...
  8. Transformer step up

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I am trying to find out how to use a transformer to convert 1ph 208 no neutral to 1ph 240 with neutral.
  9. Neutral Conductors landed in wrong panel

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have two questions. I recently looked at a generator panel install that I am pretty sure was not done correctly. They brought the ungrounded circuit conductors to a new sub panel but left the neutrals (grounded conductors) in the original panel and just ran one larger conductor to the...
  10. Induced Voltage

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys & gals, I have a question about induced voltages (I think). We were taught that the main reason you run hots and their associated neutrals in the same pipe is because it cuts down on the voltages induced by the phase wires. You need the neutral there to prevent heat from building up...
  11. Feeder Neutral Load determination...

    NEC Code Forum
    Help please, here's a question on: NEC, Annex D, example D2(a) (Optional calculation for one-family dwelling, Heating Larger than Air Conditioning). My question concerns determination of the 'Feeder Neutral Load' for that example D2(a) in Annex D. And my question is... why is the 9000 watts...
  12. AC/DC Power Inverter, Auto

    General Electrical Discussion
    My connections on this cable broke, and as I cut them off to fix and replace them, I was interrupted and didn't pay attention to which was the hot and neutral with the RED protective sleeve, so I have them mixed up and do not know. How do I tell which should have the red connection, or does it...
  13. Craziness, short?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    What we thought would be an easy em call today turned into a nightmare! HO was vacuuming when suddenly recessed cans went dim and fan light in other room went super bright. Then the pull chain for light controlled all lights!? Would not have believed this if I didnt see it! It seems the feed...
  14. Voltage drop under load on A leg/voltage rise on B leg

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm working on an old mobile home with a 120/240v service. When the 120v microwave is energized, the line voltage on that leg drops from 120v to 110v. On the other leg, the voltage rises to 130v both at the panel and on other circuits. The main breaker is on a pole outside about 15 feet away...
  15. neutrals and derating?

    General Electrical Discussion
    when derating wires due to conduit fill, there is exceptions talking about the neutral not needing to be counted as a "current carrying conductor" if it is carrying only the unbalanced load of a multiwire circut.... so when do you not have to count the neutral as a current carrying conductor...
  16. Download the Histery and Mystery of Grounding and Bonding

    Vintage Electrical
    Download the Histerya nd Mystery of Grounding and Bonding :thumbup:
  17. Neutral voltage

    General Electrical Discussion
    :detective:I have a basic voltage characteristics question I'm having trouble getting a clear answer for. In a basic 120V single phase ckt you have the hot and neutral connected to a load such as a light bulb. With the bulb burning I place a clamp meter around the hot wire and get a reading of...