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  1. Linework
    I just recieved my letter after waiting for three years, im nervouse about the interview, any advice or heads up on what questions to look out for ?, Also i habe a pending dui on my driving record i habe court November 22, will that disqualify me?
  2. Union Topics
    I have my NJATC aptitude test coming in two weeks. I've been trying to cram for it. Math has never exactly been my strongest subject and I just barely managed a passing grade in Algebra 1 in high school. I understand math skills are important for electricians, but I feel like it's something I...
  3. Union Topics
    I have recently joined the NJATC program at a local. However, I still find the electrical trade to be very interesting, I have doubts about a 5 year commitment let alone a life time commitment to a career as an electrician. I feel that with me coming out of high school this year I should explore...
1-3 of 3 Results