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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    I'm looking for recommendations for online motor control course, possibly interactive. Thanks for any info, i appreciate it.
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi I'm Kevin. I've been an electrician for the past 35 years in Calif. I got my certification in 2009. It has since expired. I understand I need to have 32 hours of training and 2000 work experience and pass the test. I now live in a remote area of California about 2 hours from Sacramento...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    I am Interested in joining the trade! I have thought about this decision for a while now, and I have my mind set. I am asking what books/online courses/programs would you recommend for a trainee? I am open to all suggestions and recommendations:thumbup: Thank you!:) -MOBRichard (17 Years Old)
1-3 of 4 Results