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  1. Oregon Supervisor (Master Electrician)

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, So we have a Professional Engineer working for our Electrical Construction company located in Oregon. He is wanting to go out and get his Supervisor license (master electrician license in most states). And he is more than capable of passing the Oregon test. In order to do electrical...
  2. LED Gas station lighting sample in Hillsboro, OR

    Lighting Design
    Cameras are not ideal for capturing how light is perceived by people in a way its intended, so its always best to go and look yourself. (and an excuse, because I haven't taken any pics yet :P ) Looking at it won't tell anything about the power-input end of the story though, so it gives you an...
  3. RI Master Electrician moving to Oregon... any advice?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Me and my fiance (who is a auto cad drafter) are planning on moving to oregon next year. In RI it is too expensive to live and even though we are both making decent money, we cant afford to buy a house here. we've done our research and have visited oregon on vacation, and we both make more money...