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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm a green-as-can-be first year apprentice here. 32 y/o if that matters. Anyway, before getting into the trades, I was deciding between becoming a stone mason for a Mennonite company or an electrician. Naturally, I googled the safety hazards for each trade and tried to compare them...
  2. NEC Code Forum
    After speaking with an engraving shop owner a few days ago, I was told that, due to OSHA requirements and NEC, he could not engrave the labels that I requested from his shop because of the material I requested and the application for which they were to be used. He went on to explain that plastic...
  3. Workplace Safety
    Hello fellow Rocky Mountain'ers! IECRM (the Rocky Mountain chapter of the IEC) is having an OSHA 10 class on January 11th and 12th (Friday and Saturday) in Denver, Colorado. The class costs $134, and is a great way to network with electricians in the area. Here is the sign-up page. I hope to...
  4. Commercial Electrical Forum
    Anybody know a url or online location for the overall osha requirements for extension cords on job sites ? Also, what does 'shielded' mean in context of extension cords ? Does OSHA have a requirement concering extension cords and the aspect of being shielded ? THanks.
1-4 of 4 Results