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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    So I’m working at a pizza place. They have an electric oven. 220v 37.5amps. Whenever we turn the oven on, one of the main lines coming into the building overheats. It’s always the same one. We have already gotten a new breaker, tried switching the poles, eve broke the oven down looking for bad...
  2. NEC Code Forum
    Where is it stated in the nec how many wires are required for a oven/ range circuit.
  3. Other Codes and Standards
    I just had a question on the 12 AWG coming out of my two ovens and water heater. I know they need to be ran with 10 AWG because of the wattage. The 12 AWG handles 30 amps when it has over 90 degree rating. The conductors do have over 90 degree temperature rating. So 110.14(C)(1)(a)(3) states...
  4. UK Electrical Forum
    I've been asked to do some work for a guy, mainly install/run a supply for a 2.8kW fan assisted oven (hobs seperate). He has kids and because of the limited access to sockets he wants a way of isolating the ovens (cooker switch) instead of just plugging it into the ring. I carried out cable...
  5. General Electrical Discussion
    What does the NEC Code say about hard-wiring a 220v electrical oven/range. I know many older houses are hard-wired and now the perferred method is a 4-wire/prong outlet. Is it still acceptable by code standards to hard-wire the range? Please provide NEC referrences. Thank you in advance for your...
1-5 of 5 Results