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  1. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hello guys, We landed a 800k commercial project in CA, just labor. We are gettimg the first progress payment this week 28,500. Im having trouble how to allocate for our overhead. Payroll, tax, profit. On the field were monsters lol, but how to manage the business its a different ball game...
  2. NEC Code Forum
    FedEx driver took out our driveway overhead service line back in Oct 2021 and the claim was rejected saying the wire was installed too low and wont help until I can provide proof of a 1931 overhead driveway wire ordinance in Solon, OH for when the house was built. The city told me verbally that...
  3. Services and Service Equipment
    A while back we were discussing services on houses that were lifted after hurricane Sandy. Does anyone know where I can get a drawing of TYPICAL SINGLE PHASE RESIDENTIAL FLOOD PLAIN RAISED FOUNDATION METER ACCESS REQUIREMENTS FOR OVERHEAD FACILITIES? Thanks in advance... C.C.
  4. Linework
    Has anyone heard of some new overhead line contract in Thailand that is apparantly paying linemen 200,000us$. If you have i would love some more info on that thanks
1-4 of 4 Results