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  1. Power Shutdown

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have been scheduled to commence my first power shut down this upcoming week at a multi-residential property. I have witnessed a few shut downs before and seen the electricians "power shed" by shutting off all the loads individually before disconnecting the main breaker. However...
  2. Hello from NewJersey!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm a tradesman who got his start pulling wire in a button factory so many years ago. I can still hear the 20 ton presses ringing in my head, punching out belt buckles, metal buttons and various clips. I even learned how to wire metal injection molding machines. Later there was...
  3. Backfeed breaker for solar system

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm swapping out a 100 amp panel that was damaged for another 100 amp panel. Adding spaces w/ my new panel. The previous panel had the solar hot tapped in btwn. The 100 amp & the service head, instead of being put on a breaker. Now that i have extra spaces for a breaker, do you think i should...
  4. Need Second Opinion on Circuit Breaker Panel

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi everyone, I called an electrician to a condo unit and this is the first time interacting with him. The water heater had tripped a circuit breaker and looks like 2 of the wires are burned and only a slight burn on the plastic of the thermostat. I had called him because I thought a simple...
  5. Electrical Panel with no Cover - Options?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    We have finished a remodel and, late in the game, realized we do not have a cover for the existing electrical panel. :crying: 1. Do any of you recognize this panel and could recommend how I can get a replacement cover and door? Thinking ebay... 2. There are no obvious markings on the panel, nor...
  6. Atlanta - Looking for bids for commerical 3P panel install in A

    Looking To Hire
    My company is seeking an electrical contracting company to install a service mast, and install and wire up an 240V 800A, 3-phase i-line combo electrical panel, install several 50-amp Hubbell outlets, and install a large warehouse exhaust fan/motor. The work is expected to take no more than 10...
  7. Panel Clearance Question

    NEC Code Forum
    The forum won't let me attach pics until I have 20 posts. The model is Control Panels. These panels are supplied by a 110v Circuit to power a 24 V Transformer that is inside of them. All the controls are 24 V or less. That being said. There is a housekeeping pad for HVAC Equipment (about 4...
  8. Square D qwik grip panels???

    Services and Service Equipment
    I accidently hit the ad which you yourself are probably seeing on the side bar... It's the Square-D with the quick connect feature (no 1/2" or 3/4" romex knock-outs or connectors necessary). This seems like a huge time saver. ...Has anyone used them? (BTW, the video is awful, 3 minutes and...
  9. Sub Panel in laundry/dryer closet

    General Electrical Discussion
    Im doing the electrical work for a addition of a single family residence. I need to put in a sub panel and there are not too many good locations. I know sub panels are not permitted in clothes closets 240.24(E) but is a laundry dryer closet thats in the hallway with bi folding doors permitted as...
  10. Electrical panel behind wooden cupboard door

    Code Violation Discussion
    Hi all, I am not electrician, just a concerned renter with a question about the safety of my electrical panel. My electrical panel is located in the kitchen of my apartment, behind what is essentially a cupboard door. What concerns me, is it doesn't seem to be what I have seen before. There is...
  11. Replacing Zinsco panel guts?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a flush-mounted Zinsco 200A meter panel on the outside of a house that needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, it's flush mounted into a brick wall. I'd like to replace the interior and front cover and use the old can, as it will be hellish to remove. Eaton makes new interiors for some...
  12. Anybody ever seen one of these?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Anybody ever seen one of these or know exactly where it goes? It fell out of a commercial metering panel when I disconnected one of the hots that ouputs to the breaker panel. Several years ago, I worked on a brand new (installed by homeowner) meter breaker panel combo. A phase was missing. I...
  13. First panel

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    First panel. Been working for six weeks. Looking for comments, criticism, suggestions and what ever else you guys come up with! Cheers! http://imgur.com/sIQQaIq http://imgur.com/AjIhW1n http://imgur.com/Uymtccn
  14. Code change for tandem breakers?

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I was just told by an Eaton rep that the rules have changed for NEC 2014. We are now allowed to use any number of tandem breakers up to the amperage limit of the panel? Does this sound right? Also, I'm trying to search the NEC book but I don't know what they use as the term for tandem breakers...
  15. main lug panel next to main breaker panel

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a question: I recently looked at an existing service (with a generator panel) that had a main breaker panel with a main lug only panel right beside it. The main lug only panel is served by the main breaker panel (through a breaker located in the main breaker panel) and also by the...
  16. Telephone Ground to Ground Bus in Primary Panel?

    Structured Wiring
    I can't say that I have seen this before and am a little ashamed that I don't know the answer to this but here it goes: I ran into a primary panel today which had a 6/7 bare copper wire going from the telephone companies lightning arrestor directly to the ground bus inside the panel. I have...
  17. Interesting Meter/Panel Set Up

    General Electrical Discussion
    I went to estimate a job today and I found this. There is an electrical panel directly behind this meter base that feeds a small panel for a shop, which is where all this stuff is located. The house is located about 75 feet from here down a hill and is a separate structure. I was thinking the...
  18. motor controle panel disconnect

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    I am installing an automated 600v control panel at a farm. It runs a series of conveyors and augers into a mixer for animal feed. The entire panel came without any means of disconnecting the main power supply. I am wondering, is a separate disconnect switch next to the panel acceptable or do...
  19. Knob&Tube fuse panel replacement help

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey there. I have a client in an old; huge home. There's a fuse panel in the basement stairwell that's all KT. I've advised that the panel be replaced and that all circuits that are KT be replaced. The HO is dead set against this as the KT runs through the whole house (3 stories) with...
  20. Panel Cover Paint

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a few GE panel covers that got beat up a little bit during shipping. Have any of you guys had any luck touching up with a rattle can or small brush? Any specific brand/color of paint to use? Thanks.