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  1. Commercial Electrical Forum
    I have a 4 section panelboard. I need to mount the 4th section on the other side of the electrical room. Is this a code violation? I cant find one. If it is please refer your findings on the code section.
  2. NEC Code Forum
    In the quoted NEC excerpt below, that refers to a 'column-width panelboard', WHAT IS A COLUMN-WIDTH PANELBOARD ? = = = = = QUOTE(from NEC): 300.3-B (4) Enclosures Where an auxiliary gutter runs between a column-width panelboard and a pull box, and the pull box includes neutral terminations...
  3. NEC Code Forum
    Does anyone know if there is a minimum height requirement from the ground for switchboards / panelboards? The question is in regards to an old 3 phase panel that is sitting directly under a meter pan. The original installation did not have a main breaker (among other problems) The panel now...
  4. Services and Service Equipment
    We just installed a brand new cutler hammer panelboard at work this week and when wiring it up we saw the feeds for the panel are the first three circuit breaker slots on the left side, which isn't abnormal around here. Now my question is, on the other side opposite the main breaker there is no...
1-4 of 4 Results