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  1. Current divider circuit with diode

    General Electrical Discussion
    Okay, back to School Electronics, Given below is a parallel circuit with two diodes, the input current source is 5 A. And the connected resistor is 20 ohms. The circuit is a current divider (of course current divides in parallel). In case of simple current dividers we can solve it using the...
  2. Parallel 400 KCMIL for 800 amp service

    NEC Code Forum
    I have an existing service that is, 3 sets of 400 kcmil, now feeding a 1000 amp breaker. We will be intercepting the conductors between the pad mounted transformer and the 1000 amp breaker and installing an 800 amp fused disconnect then feeding an ATS and then refeeding the 1000amp MCP. The...
  3. 3-way and 4-way circuits

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have some friends who lost their house several years ago to a flood. After rebuilding (and a little re-designing), they had an L-shaped hallway that had 2 light fixtures operated by 3 switches, one at each end of the hallway, and one at the "L" which was added in the re-design. The...